Gossip Girl “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” clip

“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” is the teaser for the new Gossip Girl episodes “coming soon,” according to The CW’s new video teaser.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting new episodes for a while (possibly not until March 8, according to E! Online). I’ve also heard (and I hope this is true!) that the season 3 episode 13 “Jenny, Full of Grace” will air on Jan. 11, a week before CW’s new show Life Unexpected makes its debut. (Thank you Jully!)

But we shouldn’t fret that much, because when Gossip Girl returns, there’s lots of juicy things to look forward to!

For the majority of Gossip Girl fans, I would say that would revolve around Nate and Serena becoming an official couple! And from what I see in this clip above at the end, it sounds like Nate (Chace Crawford) saying “I’ve waited a long time for this.”

If you look closely, you also can see a clip of Dan and Vanessa together.

And I think the Chuck-Blair drama is because (guessing here) Chuck is probably keeping the fact that he “might” have seen his mother at his father’s grave a secret. While he is tracking his mother down, Blair finds the locket he found on the grave, and thinks he might be seeing someone. Pure speculation.

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    • Jully

      You are welcome Cheril ! I can’t believe that my name is on a post *dies*
      Anyway,I am on doubt too,now. It may be at March 8,but I still bet on Jan 11,more then Jan 4 and March 8,because makes more sence.
      We have to thank CW for making this episode.N and S are finally together,I can’t believe it !
      Soooo.. I think that it’s better if I stop talking to you by comments.
      Do you have any email so we can..talk ?