Shonda Rhimes Interview With TV Guide

80902A1 RHIMES S B-GR 01Shonda Rhimes sat down with TV Guide to answer a great many questions about herself and Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re only looking for spoilers, this is not the interview to read, as there’s zero in the way of Grey’s Anatomy scoops.

But if you’re curious about the executive director herself, what shows have inspired her (Buffy, The West Wing), how she began as a screenwriter, how Callie and Arizona came about, how the cast ended up being so racially diverse, how she feels about spoilers (hates them), what advice she has for those wanting to break into the TV/entertainment business, and many other such questions, then this is the right interview.

If you love Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice you should head on over to TV Guide and check out the answers to the questions. It’s a great interview and sheds light on topics not usually covered, so odds are you may encounter an answer you haven’t heard her say before.


Via | TV Guide

Image: Bauer-Griffin

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