No more Medium until 2010… yikes!

patricia arquette season 6 promo cropped 98224_D_0797bbfinalWell, at least it’s not on the same schedule Glee is. That show is having its Fall finale this week, and then is going to be off the air until April. We, on the other hand, only have to wait until Friday, January 8, to get a new episode of Medium. CBS has, however, released the names of the next couple of Friday night reruns that they’ll be airing, so we know what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Okay, there actually isn’t a whole lot of suspense here: it looks as though they’re going to be running the episodes in order over the hiatus, which is great; that way people have the opportunity to catch up.

Friday, December 11: Deja Vu All Over Again

Friday, December 18: Who’s That Girl?

Image: CBS

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    • Linda

      We’re getting a preview to Glee next week, been a good girl and waited for it to air officially. I think it starts properly in January. I’ve heard a lot about it from people who aren’t so patient.

      I wouldn’t have minded a Dubois family Christmas themed episode just to get me through my crazily busy work schedule in the coming weeks!

    • Maria

      so sad. i’ll miss it. a lot!