Who is the most scandalous star of 2009?

INFphoto_1096857-lindsay-lohan-nyc-fixedX17 is running a poll on who the most scandalous star of 2009 is?

Their choices? Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West and the late Michael Jackson.

So far, this is where the voting  stands:

Lindsay has 50 percent of the votes (1375 votes), while Kanye has 26 percent (704 votes) and Michael Jackson has 23 percent (628 votes).

I know Lindsay’s not perfect by any means, but is she really the most scandalous star of 2009?

Plus, “many” of the stories you see in the tabloids and websites about her aren’t necessarily true.  Check Gossip Cop’s posts on Lindsay.

So please vote in the poll in the link above. 

Is there another star you think should have been in the poll? If so, who?

I don’t think it’s fair to put Michael Jackson in because he died. Kanye, yea, he deserves to be on the list.

How about one of the Kardashians? Or how about Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father? Releasing all of those audio tapes  to help (hurt) Lindsay should put him on the list. How about Michael Lohan’s former BFF Jon Gosselin. He really should be on the list. Maybe Tiger Woods, even though his “scandal” is pretty new, should be on the list, because it’s pretty big news right now. I just think there are more candidates that are worthy of being on the list along side Lindsay.

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    • http://fauzadina_andersen@hotmail.com dina

      good voting. she is the most scandalous in this year. even in the low profile she already have one rumors with jessicas husband. what a mess, linds. what your planning on next year 2010? more scandalous? i love your rumors….scandalous girl.

    • http://lifespring.myevolv.com Scott Riley

      Is Lindsay Lohan (Lilo) drinking the hot new water- Evolv? A number of stars and athletes are drinking this new water because of its exclusivity (can’t be bought in stores), and the many health benefits associated with drinking it. If she’s not, she probably will be soon!

    • belfastchild3

      This x17 poll is fixed so Lindsay gets the highest number of votes. How can she be scandalous when 90% of the stories about her are lies! How in the world is Michael Jackson there? The Kardashians should be there, Mischa Barton, Audrey O’ Day (is she a celeb?) the Gosselins to name a few. They have put Lindsay on the list because they get such a massive response to anything her name is linked to.

    • Kimberly

      Lindsay deserves it…

    • ivycheang

      Agreeing with belfastchild3, Lindsay had said many times that many of the stories are not true. :)
      Newest result, not much different, just an update:
      Kanye West
      1333 votes – 27%
      Lindsay Lohan
      2445 votes – 49%
      Michael Jackson
      1139 votes – 23%

    • t wolf

      let’s be real here,before Lindzio’s DUI’s,it was no secret she liked the
      Party’n night life of Los Angeles,she ran around Party’n with Paris Hilton
      and she was not exactly “PROJECTING A IMAGE”of being a straight “go to church
      on Sunday girl”i think scandals should be rated on the equation we call
      PROJECTED IMAGE DIVIDED BY IT”S RECIPROCAL,or the opposite of the image
      (not counting Politicians)i would say Tiger Woods clearly takes the prize
      on this one,as for Micheal Jackson..he died..how is that scandalous?

    • t wolf

      oh,i almost forget..Micheal Lohan is not a star,he is a tag along parasite
      so he does not qualify

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit LG.com often

      x17 scumbags are sponsored by reston publishing/media,the same company that produces e online,star trashmag,life and style,in touch,and are holding partners of nypost,page6…go figure. LL is the only thing keeping these people in business,lol,as she pointed out in that hilarious funny or die video.

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit LG.com often

      the real scandal here is that people actually believe or care what this piece of garbage,celeb-bashing hatesite has to say,totally pathetic. x17 devils are the gossipcrack dealers that keep vile filth like perezhole in business,feeding the insatiable appetite of the jealous,negativity-loving masses,so gross. Johnny Carson must be rolling over in his grave in disgust,at the vileness of todays trashmedia and hollywierd. end rant/

    • navneet

      these are rubbish things so ignored it & 100% scandelous stories on the net are false because i know it & iloveu

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