New “make-under” for Kim Kardashian along with interview in Glamour magazine

We’re all used to Kim Kardashian looking like this, right?

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Gorgeous, but way, way too much makeup. Kim got a “make-under” from Glamour magazine, and OMG she looks fantastic (you can see pics here). She also did a quick interview with them, here’s a few snippets:

On Her Makeunder
“The look was really soft and beautiful, and it made me feel more comfortable to go with less makeup on.”

Why She Loves Curve-Hugging Clothes
“If I wear super-slouchy stuff, I don’t feel put together. You have the right to look good and be confident.”

Her Best Get-Ahead Advice
“So many people think that everything will be handed to them, and that’s just not the case. You have to work for what you get.”

Kim also mentioned that she’s dying to give Britney Spears a makeover (aren’t we all) with new makeup and “glam, flowy hair”, and that she loves to cook for boyfriend Reggie Bush, especially his favorite foods: mac and cheese, especially.

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