All My Children : So What Is Annie Up To?

Originally, Annie told Liza that she will plead guilty to save Adam from going to jail. After Adam’s arraignment, Annie’s defense changed. But before that. she had a visit from Ryan in the hospital.


Once again, Ryan is acting self-righteous towards his ex-wife. I’m surprised Erica wasn’t behind him with his red pompoms doing “rah-rah-rah”. Anyhooo, Annie asked Ryan what was so bad about what she did. She was only protecting the Man she loves. Ryan was flabbergasted. Annie made everyone believe Emma was the one who shot Stuart. In hindsight, that was actually really bad. In Soaps world, it makes sense. Annie knew that Emma wouldn’t be charge of anything. While that still sounds sick, I’m just trying to understand Annie’s frame of mind.

Ryan made Annie promise that if, oh, when she’s convicted, she’ll give up Emma and let Ryan raise their daughter. Annie’s arraignment was done in her hospital room. Liza expected her to plead guilty for accessory of murder and whatever else the law charged her with but like I said, Annie changed her mind. Before Liza could enter her client’s plea, Annie interrupted and said she can speak for herself. She pleaded Not Guilty.

Liza asked was surprised and is probably not looking forward in having to do double. Annie said now she’ll have to save her too along with Adam and Scott. Well, if Liza needs help, she can always go to Seattle and get Tea out of jail in exchange of her help. If there is any lawyer in Soaps world who could save Adam, Annie and Scott, it’s probably Tea Delgado. Hey, another crossover storyline would be cool but I doubt it’ll happen this time.

So the questions are, why did Annie change her mind and what is she up to now?

(Image : Zuma Press)

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