Grant Bowler Lands ‘True Blood’ Role

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 Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500 As the financial savior of Mode Magazine on Ugly Betty, Cal Hartley says, “vampires are all the rage”, and for that matter, with the success of Twilight: New Moon, so are werewolves. 

Well, Ugly Betty star and Kiwi heartthrob Grant Bowler has been cast in a new role on the HBO drama series True Blood.  He will play Coot, a werewolf, the menacing ringleader of a biker gang.

I love how Ugly Betty guest stars keep getting cast as monsters with more human sides.  David Blue (Cliff St Paul) was cast as a vampire geek, and now Bowler will play a werewolf biker gang leader.

And, what a perfect role for him!  Hearing that accent coming from a good looking man on a bike will bring back all kinds of memories of “Mad Max”.  :)

Bowler will be joined by up-and-coming actor Theo Alexander and Prison Break’s Marshall Allman.

Based on some of the pics we’ve seen from the Ugly Betty Bahamas episode, this will most likely be Bowler’s last appearance on the show.

However, he’s latched onto another hot show, so congratulations to Grant!

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • dardeile

      Apparently he’ll be in Be-Shure too? Because he’s among the guest stars in that one as well.

      But I LOVE Grant, and I can’t wait to see him as a werewolf. Please, make me a werewolf too!

    • willie.roxs

      Yeah I saw that too dardeile! Either way I’m glad the writers are giving them closure ya know. That’s one thing ugly betty writers are good at is ending relationships with reasonable reasons and the viewer isn’t all like “what?” Like bringing gio back to give them closure, henry, moll/daniel, betty/matt not connor/willie there was no way the show could go on without their reconcilliation now I don’t watch true blood but there is a reason to start lol

    • SirLizard

      I love me some “True Blood”.

    • Freddy Wisconsin

      Dardeile, you are absolutely right! He will be back during the BE-SURE episode. He will probably have a quick talk to Wilhelmina behind bars after being arrested and taken to a prison in NY.