Video clip of Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino on Japanese food show

I have no idea how I never saw this before but when Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino were in Japan to promote Inglourious Basterds they both appeared on some sort of Japanese food & talk show. From what I’ve understood, the concept is that they invite people on the show, prepare a meal for them, and while they wait for it they sit around and chat. By the way, that’s a fabulous idea!

The host doesn’t speak English so they have a translator, but if you watch the bottom of the clip there are some subtitles so you can understand what the topic is.

In the clip, we hear the story about how Brad and Quentin drank seven bottles of wine and in the end all Brad remembered was that he had said yes, he would do the movie. I know there were some raised eyebrows about that but I think that it’s meant as humorous exaggeration. And if it’s not, well we all got a great movie out of it, right?

However, all the joking aside, Brad says that he knew the idea for Inglourious Basterds had been floating around for awhile so when he heard Quentin had prepped a script and sent it to him, by the time it arrived on Brad’s desk he pretty much already knew he was going to take it. Quentin did add that Brad left him hanging for just a little while to make him “miserable” rather than saying yes right away. Clearly these two have a very compatible sense of humor!

Brad brings up the desire to do a prequel again, and Quentin mentions the hopes for a trilogy. Considering how well they seem to work together, I think at least the prequel would be amazing!

I also enjoyed when they all started talking about Japan; Brad says he’s lost count of how many visits but that he loves Tokyo tremendously and he goes on to mention that since his kids all love Totoro they always end up running around trying to find as much as they can. Quentin adds that he likes to come and buy toys for himself as well as DVDs and music that he can’t get in the U.S. and that he always has to buy a new suitcase just to pack all the souvenirs he buys.

If you’d like to see more, there are two additional clips of Brad and Quentin on the talk show below the cut!

Part two:

Part three:

As an aside, I have to add that as someone who seriously loves food and loves to eat, the food that Brad and Quentin are served looks absolutely delicious and it has now made me very hungry!

The entire series of clips is fun to watch, I hope you enjoy!

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    • Kati

      Sherry – thanks for this absolutely funny video! It really made me laugh! Both Brad and Quentin are hilarious in this video. The concept of combining a talk show with a cooking show is kind of interesting. Wonder why they do more these kind of TV programs around the world? Brad looks really hot in this interview. Even the beard doesn´t dimish his sexiness. The way he talks about it how much his kids like Totoro shows how much he loves those six. And watching Brad made me realize one fact once again. And that is how much Shi looks like her dad. The father-daughter duo have many similar facial expressions. Even their smile is similar. Naturally some will say that Shi has her mum´s smile and they´re totally allowed to have their opinion. But in my opinion Shi and her darling daddy have the same beautiful smile. God bless the JPs!

    • Mary Ann

      Sherry, thanks that was so funny. Kept thinking through the whole video, what would happen if Brad and Quentin didn’t like the food. What would they have done? They are funny together and it appears that they have become very close. Just as Angelina and Clint became very close.

    • angela

      thanks for the vids Sherry. it’s so funny. i love the part where Brad was asked if he watches Japanese movies and he gave 3 titles of for kids / cartoon Japanese movies – we all know who he watched it with. :) and LOL on the clone of Lt. Aldo Raine and the hat prize. and yes, the food they prepared made me hungry too.

    • Jacqueline

      totally hilarious – how did they manage to get through the whole affair ?? And is it with Japanese food that if you finish a dish it is assumed you haven’t had enough and so you keep getting more dishes until it’s understood you are full cos you have to leave some?? !! I somehow think Brad and Tarantino will, between themselves, refer to this meal for many years to come!! It must have been so very difficult for them to have to choose the favourite dish!! This is an extraordinary filmclip !!

    • kim

      that was great! They don’t seem to hold back as much, as they do in the US interviews.

    • LouAnn

      Thanks, Sherry, for those videos. They were really funny. I’m not a Japanese food fan but those dishes looked wonderful. Even I might eat that miso clam chowder!!!

      P.S.: The losers didn’t look too pleased. But, somebody had to lose. All the food looked great.

    • Jah

      Thanks Sherry, but I can’t watch yet. I have not seen the movie and I hate spoilers and such… I am one of those people who don’t even like too many previews. Gives too much away for me. Speaking of IB, isn’t that supposed to be out on DVD this December?

      The next movie he makes I will go see at the theatre. I never get a chance to go, I think the last film I saw at the Cinema was Mr & Mrs Smith.

    • Kristen

      Did you see the feature on People about the book that’s coming out?

      Why do people even stoop to making money like that? Even if some of the things are true (which I don’t believe they are), how do you sleep at night knowing you’re making a living off of telling lies about other people?

    • Kristen

      I’m sorry, it was not on People – it was on PopSugar.

    • angela

      Jah, yep, it’ll be out this 15th of December. i can’t wait to have my own copy.

      Kristen, the person who wrote that book is just pure dis.gusting. he is a p.sycho stal.ker of the JPs. haha. but seriously, i saw an interview of him on INSIDER and he is cra.zy. the hosts of the show has nothing but nays for him. what’s funny about it is that so far, the pre – reviews of his book are all negatives. accdg. to those who have read the book, there is nothing explosive or new or interesting detail as he claimed his book has. it’s like you are just reading an expensive version of tabloid magazines. i am glad he is not getting any praises.

    • Lucy

      Thank you Sherry. This was a funny show. I’ve been to Tokyo once and the airport many times. I like Japanese food but I cannot use chopsticks as good as Brad and Tarantino. Also, I think wasabi is too spicy for my taste. Brad’s face is so expressive even when he eats. He is really a good looking guy. Doomo arigato.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Sherry, I agree. I’m pretty sure Brad’s comment about he and Quentin drinking 7 bottles of wine and that all he remembered saying in regards to doing the movie was “yes”, was more than likely an exaggerated joke that he was making. We all know that Brad likes to joke around, and the humerous side of him comes out even moreso around Quentin!

    • joliepittfanatic

      UNDER MOD- Agreeing with what Sherry said in the post about the wine comment.

    • salmie,KL Malaysia

      Arrgh!!!!!!!!!1 where is Angie…REALLY LOVE TO KNOW WHERE AND WHAT SHE IS DOING right now! miss her…love her…mis her…love her

    • neer

      Published: November 30th, 2009 13:20 EST
      By H.B. Forman

      “…..I also admire Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio for working with children`s charities and other great cases. They are such advocates. That is really cool.”

      – KELLAN LUTZ of Twilight

    • orteg

      i have just seen Inglourious Basterds last week and this movie is simply AMAZING!!!Brad’s character is great as well as the German colonel and my absolute favorite : Shosanna.
      it’s great to see that a movie mixing English, German and French had so much success

    • Marie

      Hey, there are some great pics of AJ and BP in the car leaving the after party for Up In the Air…they look so cute and happy….

    • Mer

      Thank you Sherry so much! These clips were great and so funny! I love to see these two guys joking together.

    • Blia

      I simply enjoyed this interview!! What a neat concept! The host makes you feel comfortable by eating! The hard part is choosing the winner!
      Those dishes looks very good!! I’ve never had those kind of Japanese food before. I’m like Brad, I just usually eat sushi… that beef looks good. the clam chowder looks good. the fried shrimp looks good. even the noodles look good… Makes me hungry at four o’clock in the morning. hahahaha

      thanks for posting the videos up, Sherry!!

    • Daga

      I have to agree with Kati. Before I thought that Brad’s beard is getting too long but after watching those videos I have to admit that even now he looks so sexy… Beautiful eyes, handsome man.
      Thanks Sherry for uploading:)