Cobra Starship singer denies Lindsay Lohan rumor

20090910_nan_k03_038-lindsay-lohan-fixedCobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta is denying a tabloid rumor that he tried to take snapshots of Lindsay Lohan while spinning records at a New York club the other night.

The New York Post’s story said Saporta was spinning records and left the deejay booth to take photos of Lindsay who was with her brother Michael Lohan Jr. According to the source, the security team took his camera away and erased all of the pictures.

But Saporta flat-out denied the rumor on Twitter – a little harshly though.

“COMPLETE fabrication I’ve never even seen Lohan irl. & I def don’t give the slightest shit about her to go take her pic”

By the way, no new photos of Lindsay yet. She’s managing to keep a low profile somehow.

Image: Zuma Press

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      how rude!he definitly will loose my as his follower
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      omg,another bad manner guy!!he should be ashame to himself,such an asshole!!!!