One Life To Live Spoilers : November 30 – December 4 Life To Live Spoilers, week of November 30th to December 4th

Mitch escapes prison, guess where he’s headed to.

Ross, Tea and Todd are stuck in jail. Party time huh?

The All-American Rejects are in town.

Dorian is the new Mayor but…

Find out more after the fold…

Mitch escapes the California prison and goes to Llanview. In time for Jared’s funeral. His entrance will be one for the books. Rex tells Jessica about their connection, then Rex meets Mitch. What do you think Mitch will tell his son? Don’t miss a Mitch-filled week in Llanview that’s for sure.

Ross, Todd and Tea are all in one cell. Nice. Todd is mad that Tea neglected to tell him about their daughter. Tea will explain but Todd won’t listen. He’s stubborn, remember? Do you think they’ll have a truce long enough to find their kidnapped daughter? Wow, already? That fast?

Dorian takes her oath as  the Mayor but gets arrested. For what I’m curious too.

All-American Rejects performs on Friday.

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    • http://Yahoo Curley

      Where on earth can you be put a prisoner in such an unsecure jail except on a soap opera. It’s time to bring in more realistic things that aren’t such a mockery. I don’t mind people returning from being dead so much, but the methods are unbeleivable. Can somneone have a stable relationship under 60 years of age? So when is Evangeline going to come out of her coma. Oh, I know just as soon as her sister and Chris declare their love for each other. I hope it’s the same person at least or let’s let her die a peaceful death.

    • John Simeral

      To, ABC, I have watched OLTL for 25 years. Today I watched my last episode. You have taken this homosexual thing way to far, and I predict you will follow in the footsteps of Days of Our Lives. You will not draw a younger audience because kids are in school, and people my age 30 to 60 do not agree with gay marriage and do not want to see this crap. I will miss watching ,but I refuse to condone this storyline BYE-BYE…..