Mean Girls “Scandalous” fan video

Mean Girls is my favorite Lindsay Lohan movie. It’s just one of those movies I can watch over and over and still enjoy.

Here’s a Mean Girls fan video I found featuring the song “Scandalous” (don’t let the video picture trick you).

I think the YouTube user Sammie392 does a great job showing each girl’s character in the movie, how “scandalous” they are, and how Lindsay’s character turns into a “mean” girl.

According to her Twitter account, Lindsay left Long Island late Thursday night, taking a flight out after spending Thanksgiving with her family. No new photos yet, though.

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    • http://yahoo brian♥ lindsay

      amazing job sammie392

    • http://yahoo brian♥ lindsay

      we love you linz

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      i don’t think Cady ever gets enough credit. she didn’t just kick ass and take names,she played their rules against them,turned them against each other,took over as the Queen,and DESTROYED their clique,end of story. Cady rules!!!!!!!!

    • navneet

      whenever i see this sweet movie i remember my school days life because i watched this movie in our high school time so this is very special for me & i watched this movies 1000 times because its like a real & touch my heart & u look so beautiful in this & its come one in a millienium & tonight i am very romantic & more romantic as never before in your love & iloveu