Do You Have Birthday Traditions?

In ‘Happy Birthday, Baby‘, we learn yet another of the special ways that our Gilmore girls celebrate birthdays. In this episode, Rory has used mallomars to spell out “Happy Birthday Lorelai” on the table:

In addition, Rory is trying to plan the world’s biggest pizza for her mom’s birthday. Yes, the Gilmores go all out for the big b-day.

Why do you think they love birthdays so much? Are you surprised that all of Stars Hollow seems to celebrate their birthdays in a bigger way than those of anyone else?

And do YOU have special birthday traditions you do every year? I’d love to know what what they are!

Watch this episode of Gilmore Girls on here.


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    • Mac

      My tradition? Not to celebrate my birthday! :-)

    • thathappened

      Not to sound like a downer or anything, but the people around me don’t care too much about birthdays so my given tradition is to spend the day wishing for surprises or plans. Lol.

      This last April I asked a few peeps to go to a ren faire for my birthday and most of the weekend was spent arguing with each other. I ended up wandering around the faire alone.

      So I think I will just stick with trying to celebrate others and do my own thing on my day from now on. Turn this negative into a positive.


    • Laurie Carson

      I think my bitrhday is at the wrong time of the year and the coldest. So no traditions on my part.

    • martin

      This is one of the most heart warming scenes of the entire series. And one of the best episodes, too. In retrospect, Rory’s birth must have been one of the happiest days for Lorelai. She clearly instilled this appreciation in Rory.

      But, I think this was the biggest birthday celebration for Lorelai, yet. She looked quite surprised at the sight of it.

      And Mac, wow! Welome to the club.

    • Lynn

      Is this the episode where Rory throws a huge party for Lorelai with the “worlds largest pizza?” I have always wondered where Rory got the money for the party. We only ever see her working (up until this point in the series) at the Independence Inn and that was only a very few times. I can only think of three times I remember her working there.

      But I think it’s nice that Rory goes out of her way to make her mom’s birthday a special day. Since Lorelai isn’t married or in a relationship with someone, the only person in her life to do that kind of thing for her is her daughter. So it’s wonderful to see that Rory tries her hardest to make Lorelai’s birthday special.

      My family doesn’t have any special traditions. We acknowledge the day with cake and a few gifts, but nothing like the things we’ve seen on GG!

    • Jay Mc.

      My birthday is in February, on or near the “Daytona 500″ ever year.

      Watch the coverage all day.

      Eat my favorite meal, tuna fish casserole and Lemon merigan pie,

    • Jennifer

      No traditions, this year my b-day falls on the Super bowl though. One thing about this episode and another episode, I believe in the earlier seasons that is a bit confusing. I know they live in CT where it cold sometimes but in the episode where Lorelai talks about loving snow so much she says her it snowed on her birthday. This episode takes place in late April, I don’t know that it would have ever snowed that late in CT. Maybe a flurry or two.