Ugly Betty Bahamas Behind The Scenes (Part 1)

Here is an enticing behind the scenes video from the filming of Ugly Betty episode 4.08, The Bahamas Triangle.

This could actually air on the Travel Channel – it REALLY makes me want to go to the Atlantis Resort right now.  (In fact, this video is probably part of an in-kind agreement with the resort, I would imagine).

As I’ve said before, everyone looks beautiful and seems to be having a wonderful time.  It seems like the entire cast made good use of all the waterslides, both “for work and for fun”, as America Ferrera says.

Vanessa Williams (who just looks fabulous) used her time wisely and learned how to roll sushi.

Becki Newton’s sunglasses are so perfect for her.  I think Amanda will really shine in this episode.

For you Daniel Eric Gold fans, he spends a good amount of time shirtless in the video.  :)  They also show a quick (shirtless) shot of Connor (Grant Bowler).

They talk about the photo shoot for the Fearless issue of Mode (it will be Wilhelmina’s “last”).  I THINK that’s Shakira showing up a few times in the middle of the video (I’m not exactly a fan, so recognizing her isn’t second nature).

It’s interesting to see everyone so relaxed and low key, considering the on-screen and off-screen aura surrounding this show has been a kind of nerve-wracking, especially for us fans. 

I can’t WAIT to see the second preview!  Of course, I’ll pass it along to you as soon as I can.  Special thanks to YouTube’s IrenePrysbrowsky, who has been great posting Ugly Betty videos!

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    • Andrea

      Daniel Eric Gold shirtless……………….yum!

    • Jenny

      it looks like they had tons of fun shooting that episode :)

    • Realme2008

      They look like they had so much fun! I can’t wait for the episode to air.

    • me!

      Kristen said that he will choose between Betty and Amanda in the Bahamas episode.I think that he will choose Betty because of the pictures of him celebrating Christmas at Betty’s house. Can’t wait!

    • SirLizard

      I think that Matt must choose Betty, mainly because she is going to have a pregnancy scare in the next episode, and I don’t envision her hooking up with some stranger in the Bahamas, nor with any of the show’s other characters. Matt seems like her only potential baby-daddy at the moment.