Britney Spears live in Brisbane, Australia

Recently Britney Spears brought the Circus to Brisbane, Australia to the delight of her fans. Although the tour is slowly drawing closer to the end, people still seem to be enjoying the concerts and Britney is maintaining her energy.

I found some great video clips of Britney performing in Brisbane. Here she is doing “Everytime” and I swear, no matter how many times I see her do this song it still freaks me out to see her perched on that umbrella. With my fear of heights I don’t think I could get up there at all:

A couple more videos are waiting for you below the cut!

The next two videos were shot from the V.I.P. seating so we get to see Britney up close and personal. What amazing seats!

I love what Britney does for “Toxic”, the whole routine is awesome.

The famous closing, with “Womanizer”:

I’m going to miss all the Circus videos when she’s done!

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