Adam Lambert Makes Out With Guys on American Music Awards

Did you see Adam Lambert performing his single “For Your Entertainment” on the American Music Awards last night?  If you didn’t, you missed quite the show! 

Now, before anyone gets bent out of shape, I’m supportive of people loving whomever they want to love so it’s not about that but I was totally shocked at some of the suggestive stuff Adam got away with!  First of all, I didn’t think it was okay with the censors to have someone grab the face of another person and rub their crotch with it.  Secondly, what was up with the French kiss with the guy?  It just seemed to random and forced.

I love Adam and I think that he did the song justice (especially since I don’t like it very much) but I’m unsure about the performance itself.  What did you think?

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    • James

      Disgusting, and i don’t know what peoples like about him. He scream more then he sing.

    • CooCoo

      Maybe I just don’t understand the need for the US to over pimp their latest cast of a reality TV show, but WHAT THE HECK has Adam Lambert done to deserve such a performance?? Does he even have an album out yet?

      The guy is talented, but really? Closing the American Music Awards?

    • sherry

      I actually love the song but I was disappointed last night. I thought it sounded terrible, but I think it was the sound mix itself because I found pretty much everyone sounded like crap last night. :(

      But honestly I thought if someone tuned in and was hearing Adam for the first time they would think he can’t sing worth a damn which is a shame because of course he is an incredibly talented singer. I think between the running around on stage and the sound tech messing up everyone, he sounded about half as good as he should have.

      The performance itself fit with the nature of the song but even though I’m no prude and totally love the song and its suggestiveness it was really over the top. I think he could have had a really steamy performance without the simulated oral sex part, you know? Subtle can be sexy too!

      Still, I’ll be getting his new album today so I’ll just wait for his next performance and hopefully it will be better!

    • Debbie

      Not sure I care to watch another Adam Lambert performance after that one last night on the AMAs. I cannot believe the censures let it air. The guys face in Adam’s crotch, Adams fingers in the girl’s crotch, the two guys kissing. My 19-year-old daughter covered her face with an “OMG!!!” Totally unnecessary.

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