Ryan and Marissa: Love Story video

Just this weekend I finished watching the very first four episodes of Season 1 of The OC (for the hundred time, of course). But this is the first time I’ve seen these particular episodes in order in a very long time, so it was nice to go back and relive the magic that existed on The O.C.

Here is a fan video of Ryan and Marissa from The OC (Benjamin McKenzie and Mischa Barton), Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl and Brooke and Lucas from One Tree Hill. I love Taylor Swift too, so that makes this “Love Story” video even more special.

This video has a few of my favorite scenes including Ryan running to Marissa on New Year’s Eve. But the person who made the video also does well at the end tying in the words of the song to go well with the Newport Beach’s annual Cotillion Ball scene in episode four of the first season where Ryan touches Marissa’s back while helping her tie up her white dress.

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