So, How Did Mr. James Franco Do?

Personally, I think he did freaking AMAZING. Oh My Gosh. I thought Guza would have written his introductory episode as a 10 second moment in the end while Jason, Sonny and Dominic left the shooting scene. Guza was smart enough to put Franco at about 3:19pm. And he had more that 3 sequences I think. Did I say he was hot? Some of my fellow ABC Soaps twitter friends said that right about the time Franco is on TV, Guza was  probably going through all sorts of the big “O”. If you know what I mean…


Franco’s wave to Jason after the shoot-out was priceless. It was creepy but dang it was sexy. Then he positioned Joey Limbo’s body on the crime scene just because he is artistic crazy like that. Then he got on his phone and called some hot lady with a hot British accent to shave his face. That whole shaving scene was like the hottest shaving scene I’ve ever seen in my life.. :lol:

Then  Franco put his suit on, with a slightly wet face thanks for the after shave lotion. The way he said his lines, and those damn sexy eyes, WHEWWW. The whole episode was definitely one big “O”. No offense to people with innocent ears but Lordy, James Franco as Franco was HOT!

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. I haven’t felt so excited about GH like this in such a long time. Have you?

(Image : Bauer-Griffin)

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    • Alyssa

      I’m more interested in GH now that he’s on here. James Franco is just so hot, and he is an excellent actor. He made me smile everytime he came on screen, even though he was being creepy lol.

    • Dexie

      :lol: I know. I am so hating Maxine right now. Not because she “cheated” on Spinelli. But because I wish I was her… hehehe. James Franco is soooo good.

    • Rachel

      I think its one of the best storylines ever! Steve Burton’s performance was amazing as well. Franco knows how to be creepy and pulled it off well. And yes very attractive guy.

    • http://youtube Judith

      saw a short video on you tube with the song used as ‘Franco’s’ theme…great video as was the storyline. Frederico Mauro (?) was the artist/creator for the video.

    • http://youtube Judith

      Franco is the character we all love to hate! And he is good at it!
      How inappropriate hat the storyline is trying to prove Claudia’s death on him!
      He’s not even there to defend himself! Will he be back? James Franco has definetely been busy lately…