General Hospital’s James Franco Promo

Don’t forget, tomorrow, November 20th, is James Franco’s 1st airtime on Port Charles. Here’s a preview just to whet your appetite some more.


James will be playing a character named Franco. How farfetched… hahaha. He is an artist who is fond of dead bodies. I guess he finds them interesting. Knowing our daytime, James won’t appear until the very end. When he waves at Jason as a homeless guy amidst a shooting that Jason is going to be involved in. Jason won’t put 2 and 2 together until a week after, most probably. In any case. I am sooooooooooo excited. The preview alone is giving me chills. James Franco has that creepy-sexy way of delivering his lines. By the way, I read something about a hook-up with an “unlikely” character. From the preview, I think it’s Maxie. I will say this for all of us, She’s A Lucky Bitch! Hahahaha. Sorry Spinelli…

So, let’s welcome James Franco a huge welcome on daytime. I wish he could stay but 2 months is cool. I like him being in Hollywood too :) .

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