ANTM 13.12 “America’s Next Top Model is…” Photo Shoot

On last night’s America’s Next Top Model finale, the two finalists, Nicole and Laura, did the traditional CoverGirl commercial and photo shoot. Both girls did a great job, with Laura shining in the commercial and Nicole putting out a stronger performance in the print ad.

Below are the girls’ ads! Which do you like better?


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model

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    • Codi

      i like nicole’s , laura’s looks so fake.

    • bec

      I prefer lauras, nicole looks a bit pissed off and mean-ish in this photo!

    • ANTMfan

      I think both are stunning and ad worthy

    • Meli

      i like nicole’s better

    • TerraFance

      Well, now that it’s done, I’m tired of picking. I like them both.

    • Celia

      Nicole’s better! I don’t like Laura’s… she is not even recognizable in the shot, I think!

    • DAVID

      Erin, did u get the cover photo?? or the photos with tyra??

    • mach turtle

      Nicole’s photo was beautiful. She had one of the best Covergirl shoots ever, right up there with McKey and Caridee. In retrospect, a lot of the winners ended up with crappy Covergirl shoots!