So Why Is Aidan Trying To Break Up Zach & Kendall

For weeks I have been thinking real hard why Pratt  (All My Children) has turned Aidan into a bad guy. We all know that Aiden Turner is leaving the show but does his character really need to be a bad guy so viewers wouldn’t feel anything at all when he leaves? Does the show want a “oh good riddance” reaction so they made Aidan manipulative and conniving and all sorts of dangerous to one of the most loved couple (Zach & Kendall) in Pine Valley?


Ever since Aidan started on the show he’s always been a good guy. He was the one to turn to when everyone needs to be saving from avoiding their troubles form the Law, Aidan was the Man to the rescue. People need to investigate or search for something, Aidan was the go-to guy along with Tad. People need saving from bad guys, Aidan will be the first in line to save any of the Pine Valley residents.

I had a major epiphany as to why Aidan is doing what he’s doing now….

Could it be that Aidan Devane is making Zach and Kendall pay for what happened to Greenlee? It was also convenient that Ryan found Greenlee’s medical record on David’s computer after the scene at Aidan’s hideout. Besides David, Aidan is most probably the only one who knows Greenlee is not dead since he actually lifted the blanket covering the corpse at the morgue. Ryan and Kendall did not.

I can’t remember if Aidan ever found out that it was actually Kendall who was driving the car that hit Greenlee the night she “died” but Zach took the blame so Aidan could take revenge on them both by breaking them up either way you look at it. Knowing Greenlee is dead or not, Aidan has a lot of reasons to make the couple pay for what happened to Greenlee.

So, that’s my only logical theory that would turn Aidan into what he is now. I doubt he’s really in love with Kendall as the show is trying to shove in our throats right now. What’s your theory?

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