Sex Rehab: This Week’s Recap


On this week’s episode of Sex Rehab, the patients find out how difficult the treatment program can become. Not only are they starting to get on each other’s nerves, but one of them is doing everything she can to get out of actually facing her issues.

Kari Ann continues to act out and refuses to become part of the regular routine of the rehab center. She angers the other patients when she expects special treatment all the time and she even sent a letter that was very combative to Kendra. Now, Kendra is wondering if she should stay in rehab because she doesn’t want to feel attacked by Kari Ann.

The women were also asked to take off their makeup so they could deal with the “masks” they’ve been hiding behind. I also found myself in tears when Duncan was telling of his childhood abuse. It had to take real courage to share that!

It was a very interesting episode, but I wish they had not included someone like Kari Ann in the mix so we could actually learn more about what the patients go through…or, maybe that’s a real part of what they go through. I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find that out.

I do like this show because not only is it helping us learn about a problem we (or at least I) know little about, but hopefully, it can help some people find out that they are not alone and that they can get better.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Sex Rehab? Will you continue to watch? Let us know!

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    • ashley

      I think this show is amazing. I love what Dr. Drew and his team are trying to do. The stories are touching and sincere, which I really appreciate. This issue is actually serious, and I love that they treat it as such. Those that laugh at it don’t understand it, and they simply don’t get that the problem goes deeper than the sex. Dr. Drew keep doing what you are doing because there are people that can be helped by just watching the show.

    • http://na J. E. Seymour

      Amber: You are to be congratulated on the progress you have made in turning your life around!! Dr. Phil says we do not get rid of bad habits we just exchange them for others. Maybe that’s what has happened to you. Don’t give up! You enjoy the “chase” and quite frankly you’re beyond that now. You need to compete with your brain. Find a subject you’re interested in and take some college courses and be the smartest beautiful woman in your field! Your beauty won’t last forever and when it goes you’ll have a well-educated persona to present to the world. You have more intelligence than you give yourself credit for–you are making good choices; you are a survivor; and you are getting smarter every day. Keep up the good work! You are not out of the woods yet! But, I’m sure you’re going to make it! Hey, why not get a PhD in sociology?? Take care! jes