New Disney Channel Original Movie “Den Brother” Auditions

Audition button Disney Channel Auditions has announced the audition information for the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie “Den Brother”. The TV movie is currently in pre-production and all roles, starring and supporting, are being cast.

According to IMDB, the film is about a high school hockey player forced to lead his sister’s Girl Guide troop. I am sure Disney will choose current Disney stars to play the lead roles, but that shouldn’t stop you from going after those supporting roles!

If you could pick a lead character for the hockey player and his sister, which two Disney stars would you pick? I can definitely see Hutch Dano, who stars in Disney XD’s Zeke & Luther, playing this role. He would make a great hockey player!

Filming for the movie starts in February and will go until March. For all the information you need about where to submit your headshot and resume, click here.

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    • Lizbeth

      Hi, I”m Liz and I live in Puerto Rico. I will love to be on these movie. I am a very good acctress and I’m 5’3. I speak English, Spanish and Italian. Please contact me at my email. I will love the opportunity of be at Disney Channel, Thanks

      • Aaliyah Houser

        hi Lizbeth are you famous because i love to sing i go to Autagaville school and my name is Aaliyah Houser i’m going to the 5TH grade so if you is famous do i have to kill someone in my family because on the computer it said that i am 11 years old and i just whant to know so when i grow up i whant be set up if i sing so if you whant to find out where i live my granda work for the town his name is Willie .B so it’s nice texting you on the computer and my mom is on facebook so you can see her on ther her name is Angela.

    • Fran Cramine

      I think Selena Gomez should definitely be involved as she’s so naturally (get it natually!) talented in so many ways!

    • Michelle

      Hey, my name is Michelle DiDonato.To start off i live in New York,i am 15 years old and singing,dancing, and acting are my passions.I have been in many Musical productions for my school and other towns. I am about 5’4 i have dark brown hair and blue eyes.I am in very good health. i would greatly appreciate if you guys have me this opportunity. thank you.

    • Michelle

      comment from above ^^
      - i also speak 3 languages : English,Italian,and Spanish..for any furhter questions contact me. email me at

    • Taylor May

      My name is Taylor May. I am 15 years old. I would love to audition for the part of Maltisse. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah

    • Valerie Yagen

      Hey Guys!
      My name is Valerie Yagen
      I Am 15 years old
      I Live In California
      I Love Acting And Dancing
      I Would Love To Be In This Movie
      I Am Nice And Confident
      I Am About 5’3
      Dark Brown Eyes Medium Long Brown Hair
      I Been Wanting To Come Out In Movies,Shows,Commercials For About 5 Years Now.

    • Ryan

      hey everyone my name is Ryan i’m 13 and i live in Chicago i am also a girl i just have a boy name. I’m thin and tall and i love to sing and act. I really want to star in a disney movie or show that has always been my dream but i also know that it’s hard. I really hope directors and producers look at this because if you do i think you can find some really good talent on here. There’s all kind of people in this world with special talent that no one knows about until you see it for your self.

    • britney

      I LOVE HUTCH DANO. He is Awesome.

    • Jade

      Hi my name is Jade and i am 14 years old. iam inturested in acting because i have been told by many friends, Family and teachers that i should act so i am taking there word and hoping that some-one will get back to me i am very confident and im not affraid to give anything a go :)