Laura Wright Signed For A Multi-Year Contract

This is good news before we all head out for the weekend. Laura Wright (Carly, General Hospital) just signed a multi-year contract to stay in Port Charles. Woooohoooo! This month is Carly’s 4th year anniversary with GH since joining as a recast in 2005.


Laura’s new contract makes her the longest portrayer of the show surpassing Sarah Joy Brown’s (ex-Carly, Claudia Z) 5-yr tenure. I am so happy about this. Laura Wright is Carly. She took on the role that was brilliantly portrayed by Sarah, then Tamara Braun, and temporarily by Jennifer Bransford, then made it her own.

Now it’s up to the writers to write more meaty storylines for Laura to get another Emmy coz she’s of the leading ladies on daytime who deserves to have more than 1 Emmy in her career.

(Image : Newscom)

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    • Lily

      Yay! I love Laura Wright as Carly-loveable, but then sparks like fire! I don’t want anyone else to play Carly! :)