Gossip Cop knocks down Lindsay Lohan tabloid rumor

Poor Lindsay Lohan. If it’s not her own dad Michael Lohan dishing out dirt, there are the tabloids and websites.

Gossip Cop has a story about a new item in the National Enquirer about “Lindsay Lohan’s new love – a male model named Petey” and even goes as far as to say that he looks like Lindsay’s off-and-on girlfriend Samantha Ronson.


According to the National Enquirer, “Lindsay sure has a type,” featuring a photo of the model Petey Wright and Ronson both wearing fedoras and shades.

Gossip Cop pokes fun at the story on many levels - everyone looks alike wearing fedoras and shades. Lindsay was only seen with the model during the time of their recent photo shoot a few weeks ago. And Gossip Cop already got confirmation from Lindsay that there’s no relationship with Petey.

Thank you Gossip Cop for having Lindsay’s back … again.

Image: Pacific Coast News

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    • http://fauzadina_andersen@hotmail.com dina

      websites or tabloid should be stop writing about privat problem. making public confused. like me read from one tabloid about linds father, family and friends worried of her and will be death soon if not stop taken medicin plus alkohol, after that my heart is working so fast and i should take my medicin. iam really sad and dont want thats happen. leave her alone and give some space for thinking. she is grow up person. take care lindsay and love you forever.

    • ivycheang

      Lindsay tweeted, told everyone those tapes are from long time ago so she’s fine.
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    • http://yahoo brian♥ lindsay

      i love you linz