Lindsay Lohan wants more Twitter followers

INFphoto_1053788-lindsay-lohan-fixedLindsay Lohan stayed up late Monday night Twittering away and answering a few questions from fans.

Lindsay, who put up another gorgeous new background photo in a sexy leather jacket after getting some help from fellow Twitter users, also said she wants more Twitter followers. Currently, Lindsay has more than 119,000 followers since moving over from her old account about a month ago. Also, Lindsay is trying to get her account verified, which shouldn’t be that hard.

:( i want more followers lol

Lindsay also passed on a few answers to fans. Yes, she is working on her third album.

@TheProphetBlog i DEFINITELY will be doing a 3rd album. i just want to make sure everything is in line to make it exactly the way i want it!

Check out The Prophet Blog for more information about her album release.

Lindsay also Tweeted to a fan that she will be returning to Paris in January to work on the Ungaro line.

@LindsayForever december to continue and finalize the pieces for our collection/show in nyc in December

@LindsayForever I MEAN IN JANUARY! sorry!

On Twitpic, Lindsay put up a new photo of herself – probably from her recent photo shoot (click on the photo to see a larger image):

i played around with the colours and stuff on iphoto :)  lol on Twitpic

 Lindsay also touted a new Twitter gadget called Twitter Peek -that you use just to Tweet!

looks like a thinner version of the new blackberry curve but JUST FOR TWITTER*

Image: INF

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    • ivycheang

      Anyone here isn’t following Lindsay on twitter? She tweet a lot so it would be a good way to know things she say. Please, if you are a Lindsay Lohan fan and is not following her, go to create an account(or use your own account) and follow her at (@lindsaylohan, she doesn’t use @sevinnyne6126 much now)
      She wants more followers!!!!! Let’s support Lindsay! :)

    • dina

      i do not believe she can answer all the followers. she was only tweet with some people knew her. i was one already but never get respont from her. she was to busy with all her project and better not promises anything.