SMALLVILLE 9.07 “Kandor”– Images and Webclips

SMALLVILLE 9.07 “Kandor
Airdate: November 6, 2009

I got to tell you these images and webclips are SPOILERY but that makes them even more enticing to watch (*wink*). I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode on SMALLVILLE since this could be the one time that Clark and Jor El (guest star Julian Sands) cross paths, in person! At least potentially. Or hopefully. Jor-El actually goes back to the farm (after decades) and searches for the son he left in the care of Jonathan and Martha Kent. All along Major Zod (Callum Blue) thinks Jor-El is the Blur and he has stolen all  their powers, so that pisses him off.


So Tess Mercer gets involved. She does have guts, huh (or maybe she’s really crazy)? She is so playing with danger but she is as ambitious as Lex was.


And then these promo images show a surprising twist. So check them out – eleven pictures after the cut.

It’s such a relief to see Oliver Queen return to his heroic self.




Not much spoilers from the images above, except maybe the friends are trying to figure out how to locate Jor-El.

But the images below are something else! Jor-El is at the Fortress of Solitude with a orb. Or maybe this is somewhere in Kandor or Krypton. Zod is there as well and he doesn’t look too happy.










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