General Hospital : Carly’s Baby Is Ok, Whewww!

You know, just like in real life when someone is having a baby, I was in pins and needles, scared like hell about Carly’s baby. Because it’s Soaps, there are more drama and suspense. Not to mention the fact that Carly’s pregnancy had been such a delicate one through out the whole thing. Being kidnapped by a deranged woman, driving erratically to avoid getting shot by the Mob certainly didn’t help Carly’s situation.

laura-wright-tie-dye-maxi-dress-khphotos154014-Laura-WrightFor weeks I’ve been thinking that the writers are not that cruel not to give Carly’s wish for having another child. A girl one at that. With her husband Jasper Jacks who definitely deserves a child of his own. You know what I mean?

I felt so much better today when I saw Carly in that hospital bed with her blond wild curly hair, and her baby on the hospital carriage. Whewwwwww! The baby is premature but she is fine. Thank Goodness. GH writers have a heart after all ;) .

Forget the fact that there is going to be a murder mystery involving Sonny, Jason and Michael right now. Or that Michael might eventually end up working for Sonny’s Mob.  Forget the fact that Carly might never ever forgive Jax for not telling her about knowing who shot Michael. I’m sure she will sometime in 3 months or so. Forget all that for now. All I care about right now is that Carly and Jacks’s baby is ok.

I just loved it that when Carly was hyperventilating over Jax betrayal, Jason picked Josslyn up and gave her to her Mother who needed the comfort of her newborn child. Oh My Gosh, I bawled my eyes out. Jason, you might be a thug but dang you know how to make a woman cry, in more ways than one. He didn’t say a darn word while Carly ranted about Jax. He picked up the baby and voila, Carly was calm and collected.

So for that, I’ll give General Hospital major kudos for today. Josslyn is going to be one

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