Burke Coming Back? Little to No Chance

27588PCN Huffington57When it comes to television, it’s usually safe to maintain a “never say never” mentality. Situations change all of the time, contracts change all of the time. Bridges are burned. Issues are fixed. People move on. People come back. And when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy there is an ever-revolving door of actors entering and exiting.

So it’s a fair and resonable request – and one that I see very often – to want Burke to return to Seattle Grace. The topic keeps coming back over and over again, and I see it in the comments over and over again, so I wanted to reiterate that while I still maintain a “never say never” philosophy, the current state of things is that Burke is never coming back.

It has even been suggested to Shonda Rhimes that she recast Burke with a different actor if the issue is with Isaiah Washington. But – and I’m relieved to hear this – she feels that none of the characters on the show are re-castable. I think there’s a lot of viewers that don’t mind it when a different actor comes in for a character, but I seriously loathe it when that happens.

Unfortunately, with regards to Burke, it means that it’s very, very unlikely that he’ll ever return to Grey’s Anatomy.

The most recent quote by Shonda Rhimes on the topic of whether she feels that the Burke storyline was left lingering is, “I feel like we really played that storyline out in the way we meant to play it out – and I think it worked.”

But for the sake of conversation, if left up to you, would you bring Burke back? And would you be okay with it being a different actor that plays him?

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    • Kim

      I think he definitely should come back. the chemistry between him and christina was fantastic and it would surely spice things up in her love life and the entire show.
      plus i loved george on the show and im really disappointed now that hes off, and on top of it all, it looks like izzy might get the boot too, which would be horrible, really disheartening and completely unlike her character…i think bringing burke back in would set the rollercoaster in motion again!

      and as much as i despise isaiah washington for his shameful comments and bad attitude, he plays burke fabulously. and i (also) loathe when new actors are brought in to play old characters. isaiah washington is burke. and i think its a PERFECT time for that character to pop back in. (im not digging christina w/owen)

    • Anjeliquej

      I would love to see Washington return as Burke. During the earlier episodes of Grey’s Anatomy there was more passion. Washington and Or’s chemistry on the set was very strong however I didn’t like their final episodes together. I have always wondered if the failed wedding storyline was because of his behavior and to phase him out from the series. I am and was very disappointed by Washington’s actions but we are all human and have said horrible things from time to time. It seems that Hollywood has punished him enough. He hasn’t been seen on screen since the Bionic Woman (2007). If Ms. Rhimes would every consider having him back I hope he would look at this as a “Peaceful blessing”. I am also not very fond of the pairing of Cristina and Owen. Bring back Burke there’s room for him and it would really spice things up. P.S. I hope you all find a really strong character for Miranda’s love interest. Her husband’s character was a very weak man. Miranda needs an equal to her strength and drive. Continue longevity to the show.

    • Glenda

      I have always felt Burke should come back. I would have liked for him to have attended George O’Malley’s funeral, after all George was Burke’s guy. It was sad not to have him there to pay his respects to George, even if they filmed it like he was standing far away looking on, not wanting everyone to see him there, then have him go up to the gravesite to say his goodbye’s to George. There’s room for more Burke, it would be interesting to see how Cristina would react to him being back at the hospital and her relationship with Owen. Make it real interesting and have Burke married to a woman the complete opposite to Cristina and they have a one year old baby. That would really stir things up a bit.

    • Dianne

      I strongly feel Washington should return as Burke. The earlier seasons with Burke were so great and his chemistry with Christina was extremely strong. The show isn’t as good now. The original casting of the show seemed to work well, so I believe it’s in the shows best interest to try and keep most of the actors around (if at all possible). Burke’s returnn would keep me watching. This season 6 is becoming boring and I’m losing interest !!

    • http://www.sbcw.org Liza

      Bringing Burke back would be GREAT! But NOT, I say NOT with another actor. Isaiah IS Burke.

    • christina

      I have ALWAYS loved everything IW has been in. I also has been watching the older episodes that I have already watched, Derek/Meredith were even better then. To me, Iw and Christina were always the most interesting couple, maybe b/c Christina unlike Meredith doesn’t walk around with a sappy forelorn face ALLLL the time. IW and Christina really centered the show..those two loved each other but they were believable as hard studying ambitious doctors. Frankly the scenes where Meredith is in surgery..I don’t find real. NO other actor should play Burke, even though I like Owen ..he is a strong character, I don’t feel his relationship with Christina. I don’t like all the new characters that fill the space of good relationships, they are a waste of an hour. Now alex and Iz..on/off between her budding movie career. The Chief…only story line he gets these days is as a drunk..just great. Bailey..who knows..OH wait! ANOTHER new person joining the show to be her BF..just terrific. The show has became a revolving door of meaningless not note worthy characters, they don’t make me want to sit and watch it..instead I watch SUPERNATURAL..and DVR grey’s. And YES IW did make a mistake…he apologized..and yes he deserves another chance, I think it’s very sad that the person he offended has left the show..not b/c of him. VERY NICE SHOW OF LOYALTY GEORGE!!! TO THE FANS. the fans that lived that drama with you and supported you and wrote letter on your behave..they punished IW and what happened then??? you punished the fans. So yes I miss IW and I want him back : )

    • Hazzie

      I’ve started to lose interest in the show ever since Burke left. I keep reviewing the earlier seasons and I really really wish Burke and Cristina could be back together again!!!

    • http://sbc imissburke

      OMG! We need Burke back. His characted adds an element of tension to the show that the other characters can’t bring. He is HOT, sexy, unpredictable, intelligent, accomplished, smart and oh yes did I mention HOT!!!!We need him to spice the show up again. He is the consumate “Alpha-Male”. It’s a “good” show now but it’s not “great” anymore. Make it great again and bring back the Burke-man!

    • Cheryl

      BRING BACK BURKE! I don’t really buy into the Christina/Owen marriage – feels false. Like Merideth and McDreamy, there’s only one man for Christina, and that’s BURKE. What if Owen needed heart surgery and what with Christina in a mental freezer, who better to step in and save the day, but Dr. Burke. Fans go Wild!!

    • kailey

      I agree, I loved Burke and Cristina together. If Shonda brought him back now it’d be so interesting fans would love it. The promo would probably be soo coool like seeing him see cristina for the 1st time in soo long. It’d be awesome and T.R Knight is off the show so i dont really see a problem.

    • tracy

      Bring Burke (washington) back………..