ANTM 13.10 “Dive Deeper” Photo Shoot

This week on America’s Next Top Model, the final five had to go underwater for their photo shoot! The result was five colorful and magical photos, although some girls photos were more magical than others.

Nicole’s photo was my favorite. Which one do you like best?

Here are the photos in call-out order!


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


<img src="" alt="America's Next Top Model" width="500"


America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model

Images: Pottle Production Inc

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    • Dominic

      I feel that Sundai’s photo was better than Erin’s. The judges are giving Erin way to many chances.

    • Jennifer

      wow Jennifer has no ass what so ever. How do her pants stay up?

    • Codi

      watching nicole, i feel like she had way better shots..

    • milkyaqua

      No way those were Nicole’s best pics. Tyra picks these photos and she’s obviously got an agenda as to who she wants to keep. Overall, I think this photoshoot was badly executed and not consistent. Erin gets a break from me because she only got the one chance and wasn’t aware that she should have gone deeper. That being said my callout:
      1. Laura; good face and pose/body movement, like she tried.
      2. Nicole; just for the face alone and I call shenanigans on there not being a better pic.
      3. Erin; it’s a nice photo despite her not getting a second chance.
      4. Sundai; because she looks tall despite her obscured face.
      5. Jennifer; as a few have said on other forums, she looks like a corpse. Her face is meh (some have said she looks scared) and while some credited her for doing something unexpected bodywise only the Barbie toes stand out in this pose.

    • mich

      I think it was ok, I like more erin than sundai. go nicole!

    • Natasha

      Do u think u can find the pictures from the challenge? I’d love to see those

    • Bruno

      Nicole’s picture is so stunning. But I agree with what Miss Jay said on panel, her lags look crazy on that. Sunday’s photo was a mess. I like her, but it was her time to go.

    • Celia

      I prefer Laura’s because I think it’s the only where there can be a story behind the picture. Nicole’s too is pretty and her face is high fashion but I don’t think it was her best one! Also I love Sunday’s pose and Erin is ok but she didn’t get a second chance like the others to correct her mistakes so I think it’s pretty fair she didn’t go home. I don’t like at all Jennifer…. I think she should have gone home! I don’t think anyone would like to use Jen’s picture for a campaign, it doesn’t say anything, well at least for me!

    • MeowMewo

      OMG Jennifers picture is gorgeous!
      I hope shes in the final 2 with nicole.

    • liz

      i dont like any of these photos…nicole is usually my fave but she has gumby legs in this one. jens is best even though i hate her and her wonky eye

    • jane

      Russell James wouldn’t put any of these photos for the panel showing.
      I saw many of his photos from Australia’s next top model they were by far the best in the whole competition.
      I think Tyra should have had the photographers choose their best shot since it were their work that will be showing to the audiences.

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    • mach turtle

      Jennifer looks like she’s in shock after being bitten by Jaws. I hate her leg in the picture. Love the comment about her looking like a corpse, though, true that!

      And yeah, even though Erin didn’t know to go deeper, Sundai had the better picture IMO. Bottom two should’ve been Jen and Erin.