Were Lindsay Lohan’s rosary beads among the stolen items?

Lindsay Lohan wears rosary beads in this blast-from-the-past February 2008 file photo that were later stolen from her house and worn by one of the “Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch” suspects, according to TMZ.


Pictures have appeared on TMZ showing alleged suspect Courtney Ames wearing the beaded rosary type necklace which appears to be identical to one that Lohan wore in pictures in 2008.

Lindsay’s home was burglarized during a string of celebrity heists, allegedly by the “Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch” which also stole from celebrities including Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and others.

The police have said the suspects targeted particular items before they hit the celebrity homes.


Images: Pacific Coast News file photos

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    • madeleine

      i hope lindsay gets all her things back and btw i LOVE HER HAIR THIS COULER :)

    • Hala Bustami

      she looks absolutely fantastic here! better than she looks now sadly :(

    • lucykate58

      wow. so amazing