Brad Pitt at the Tokyo photocall and premiere of “Inglourious Basterds”

Today Brad Pitt was all smiles in Tokyo as he showed up for the Inglourious Basterds photocall, then later for the movie’s premiere.


For the photocall, Brad wore a laid-back dark suit (probably Tom Ford but don’t quote me on that just yet!). He looked particularly impish as he stood for photos, wonder if there was some sort of behind-the-scenes joking around that we don’t know about – after all, we know what his sense of humor is like!


Brad went casual for the movie premiere, wearing black jeans, a black leather motorcycle jacket, and his black knit cap which seems to be replacing his newsboy caps lately.

I think that Brad’s beard beads are totally goofy but in a charming way. He may be one of the few people around who can actually get away with it.


One thing I can’t help but notice – with the facial hair and the casual dark clothing, Brad’s beautiful blue eyes really stand out, don’t you agree?

More photos of Brad Pitt at the Tokyo photocall and premiere of Inglourious Basterds below the cut!








Images: Splash News Online

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    • kimmy

      oh my.. me too, not a fan of bearded men but I’m lovin’ it now on Brad! maybe he grew some beard for Christmas?? maybe he will be Santa Claus and Angie would be Mrs. Claus,, just for the kids.. haha! :D

      Brad looks old in these pics.. but I really love his eyes.. a clear blue eyes.. just like Shiloh,, in the third pic I really can see Shiloh on him.. and even Knox.. :)

    • Mary Ann

      I have kept real quiet about Brad’s beard because if he likes it and Angie doesn’t mind so be it, but it is really starting to look messy looking and I am not crazy about it. I will agree that he looks so much like Robert Redford it is amazing.

    • Jah

      Someone had said he was growing it for a film.. not sure if there is any truth to that however.

    • Kati

      Brad looks really hot and sexy in these pics. No matter what he wears. That leather jacket, black jeans and that knitted cap look absolutely sexy on him. And what about that plaited and beaded beard? I think it looks kind of sexy too. Maybe Zahara had something to do with it. Probably it was just Princess Zee who decided that daddy should have his beard plaited and beaded for his Halloween outfit. And he didn´t want to get rid of it since Zahara is his little girl – just like Shi and Viv are too. That outfit really makes his blue eyes to stand out. They´re really beautiful. joliepittfanatic – I couldn´t agree with you more. In that first pic under the cut he looks a lot like Shi – and perhaps even like Knox. So in my opinion both Shi and Knox remind more their handsome dad and Viv reminds their beautiful mum Angie.

    • jean

      I haven’t seen this movie yet…but I just watched, twice, “Troy”. It is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Brad Pitt is magnificent. If you haven’t seen it yet, you are really missing out.

    • JUlia

      I thing Brad look good . Knox is mini Angie , but Vivienne look like her daddy . Shiloh is mix

    • joliepittfanatic

      Julia- Are you kidding?! BOTH Knox and Viv are mini Angie’s. If you look at Shiloh when she was their age and then at Vivienne, you can tell that Shiloh resembles Brad more, and Viv resembles Angie more. :)