Cady McClain’s Honest Interview About Daytime Soaps

Cady McClain, (Dixie, AMC, Rosanna, ATWT) is one of the few Daytime Actors I admire not only because of her talent, but also because she’s outspoken and is not afraid to be one.

cady-mcclain-allstarphotos070533-CADY-MCCLAIN She had been criticized before for voicing out her opinion but I cheered her on. On the contrary, I respected her even more. Soap Central had an opportunity to interview Cady before she leaves As The World Turns again, and let me tell you, I appreciate her honesty and candor.

When Soap Central asked if she thinks one actor is so valuable that the show won’t be able to survive if said actor is gone, Cady’s answer was :

I know that over time what I’ve seen is that shows are always looking for a couple that will spark. That hot new couple. But there’s always the core characters that make up the families. If you lose a character that kind of holds the foundation of the show — like Ray MacDonnell [Joe Martin, AMC] — him not being there, that’s different. I remember when they recast Mary Fickett [Ruth Martin, AMC]. I thought that’s so strange, but she was not well and she didn’t want to do it anymore. But at least Ray was there to balance that out. They really made a lot of effort to keep consistent the Martin family. Because the Martins and the Chandlers and the Kanes, that was the All My Children book and that’s the story. And now it feels like they’re throwing out all that history, throwing all the books out the window. My opinion is if you’re gonna throw the book out the window, wipe the slate clean, call it something else, start over with all new actors, and just do that. Because the reason that daytime is so successful and so long-lasting is because of that history.


I totally agree with her about the core factor. Daytime revolves around the history of the core families. Yes it’s good to bring on the youth factor and adapt to the genre but it would be nice if they keep those core families part of the canvas. All My Children has lost that. General Hospital lost it a few years ago. To One Life To Live’s credit, the Buchanan and Kramer family is still hanging in there.

Cady also talked about politics in Daytime soaps. And I’m not talking about the election. She also opined on worthy storylines, real life issues, the involvement of the teens, the difference between reality and melodrama on Soaps. And a lot of stuff. If you want a good read after you watch the soaps today, Read Cady’s interview at Soap Central.

(Image : Newscom) (Source : Soap Central)

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