“Top Chef’s” Padma Lakshmi Guest Stars on “30 Rock”

As Jack Donaghy would say, it’s all about synergy! Observe this guest turn from the Top Chef host on Bravo’s parent company NBC’s sitcom 30 Rock. Padma Lakshmi won’t be playing one of Jack’s girlfriends like last season’s guest hottie Salma Hayek, but will naturally be playing herself. The episode is called “The Problem Solvers” and airs next Thursday, November 12. Here’s the synopsis:

The crew awaits the arrival of the new cast member; Tracy and Jenna rethink how they treat Kenneth; Jack offers Liz a talk show.

Here are a few stills from the episode. In this one, Padma talks to Alec Baldwin’s character, Jack in his office. What do you think they are talking about? Maybe Jack is giving her her own show and moving TGS? Or will she be the new cast member?


In this still, Padma and Jack are on the set of “Dealbreakers,” which is Liz Lemon’s (star Tina Fey’s character) dating advice sketch, recently turned into a book.  If one of the plot lines is Liz getting her own talks show, it’s possible Padma may be her first guest. There was a shout out to Top Chef on 30 Rock’s first season, in a joke about Liz Lemon going home to eat her meatball sub while watching it on her TiVO.


Here’s another of Padma and Jack in his office. Could Liz Lemon be out of shot?


Images: NBC Entertainment/Ali Goldstein

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