Toby Keith’s “Cryin’ For Me”

Toby Keith has released his newest single and video, “Cryin’ For Me,” which a tribute to his friend, ex-NBA star Wayman Tisdale, who passed away earlier this year.

Toby itended to write and play the song at Tisdale’s funeral this past May, but found he had a harder time than he anticipated as the wound was still too fresh:

“I’ve had some loss in my life, of course my dad, but that’s different. I’ve lost some friends and acquaintances along the way, but this one was very difficult for me. I wrote this for [the funeral], but I could not get through it. I ended up doing Willie’s Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground because I wasn’t attached to that. It was weeks before I could make it all the way through the song. It was tough on me.”

The video, also a tribute to Tisdale, was added by CMT in Hot Shot Rotation, and by GAC during its Turbo Track time slot. The song is the second single from Keith’s recently released chart-topping “American Ride,” following the number one title track.

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    • dannielle

      this is a very sad song…my grandfather passed away oct 29,2009 and my dad heard this song…and it was played at his funeral…this is a beautiful heartfelt song…thank you tody for singing it…it ment a lot to our family in our time of sorrow

    • alicia

      This song makes me cry because me nan just died on october 8th due to the hospital not listening to her when she told them no. When i heard this song i started to cry my eyes out. i feel really bed for the daughter’s who lost their dad!

    • Phil Whitmore

      My dear sweet friend with whom I was going to meet for the first time passed away a week aog today on friday morning. This is a very sad song and brings tears to my eyes.

    • Randy Davis

      This song says it all about losing someone close. Whether it is a friend or family. I lost my mom 12 years ago and my father 7 years ago. I still cry for myself especially at the holidays as that was my mother’s favorite time of year. Thank you Toby for this wonderful song.