Sex Rehab: Season Premiere Recap


Yesterday, we saw the season premiere of Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew. I watched with practically no previous knowledge of what sex addiction is, or even why people would need to go to rehab for it. The show was quick to point out, through the stories of the patients, what it’s all about.

As each one of the new patients entered the Pasadena Recovery Center, they had their bags searched, just like the patients undergoing substance addictions entering rehab. Only this time, the contraband items were sex toys, porn and other items of a sexual nature.

They were told that there would be no physical contact other than shaking hands for the entire rehab period. Some of them had a tougher time dealing with that than others.

We were also told some of the things that make people become sex addicts. For example, victims of childhood abuse, assault and neglect can come to think that their only worth comes from having sex and being desirable. So, the sex is the acting out of the very deep, underlying issues they need to work on. Now it makes more sense to me.

In the season premiere, we were mostly just introduced to the patients and shown their first meetings with Dr. Drew. As the season progresses, I’m sure we will learn quite a lot about this little known addiction.

Just like Celebrity Rehab, we will probably learn quite a lot from this series. And I think any time we can learn about others, and gain more compassion for their struggles, the more we can learn about ourselves and about how to be less judgmental. This will be a very positive series. I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

What did you think of the season premiere of Sex Rehab? Will you continue to watch? Let us know!

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