Lauren Graham and Craig Ferguson’s Puppet Show

Lauren Graham (Lorelai on Gilmore Girls) not only was a guest on last Friday’s Craig Ferguson show, she also acted as Nadine, the puppet girlfriend to Craig’s puppet in a sketch on the show. It’s a funny segment and actually better than their long interview that I posted on Saturday. Which did you prefer, the puppet show or the interview? Part 2 of the puppet show is after the jump!

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    • Louise

      I have to say it was quite a good english accent. She sounds like Kate Beckinsale.

    • Wonder Y

      When was this broadcasted? It was not on the same episode as the interview.

    • Katie Choi

      awww its soo cute!!! i love it. =)

    • David Bruggeman

      Nadine appeared on the show the day before Lauren’s interview segment. One of the worst-kept secrets about The Late, Late Show is that it will tape stuff out of sequence.

    • mcityrk


      So does Craig get totally lazy and tape a week’s worth of shows in a day like the old time game shows?? I actually got the feeling that was the case when Alexis made her appearance a while back and wondered if there was actually an audience present or if they were just working on a sound stage with a laugh track??