Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take the kids trick-or-treating!

jolie-pitt-photo-linkI was hoping that we’d get to see what Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the Jolie-Pitt kids wore for Halloween, and boy are we in luck! The family went trick-or-treating around Hollywood, close to their own home, and amazingly enough they were able to go out without security!

Not only that, but they weren’t swarmed either! Although there are photos, it looks like they were taken by a regular everyday person rather than a team of screaming paparazzi. Also, according to the write-up, although people stared as they recognized them, the Jolie-Pitt family was able to have a fun Halloween just like anyone else. See the pictures here!

Unfortunately the photos didn’t catch Pax, Knox, or Vivienne, so I don’t know what his costume was. However, we had Maddox as some sort of monster in camouflage (zombie militia perhaps?), Shiloh appeared to be a soldier as well, and Zahara was Batman which was a surprise to me since I would have guessed that she’d be a princess of some sort.

Brad and Angelina got into the spirit of things as well. I love when parents dress up to take their kids out (I was a witch last night!) and that’s exactly what they did. Angelina went as a vampire or something along those lines, with grey hair, pale skin, and blood on her face. Meanwhile, as a parent I laughed really hard when I saw that Brad dressed up as DJ Lance from the popular children’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba”.

I’m so glad that the family got to go out and enjoy such a fun family tradition. I hope all my PittWatch readers had a great Halloween as well – let me know in the comments if you dressed up this year!

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    • http://japan vanilla

      They’re just the normal happy family!!!

    • angela

      Elizabeth, Brad is flying solo for the premiere- accdg. to this twitter page, his friend sat next to Brad on the plane from LA-TOKYO. what a lucky girl :)

    • elizabeth

      Thanks Angela.Well, I guess we will see Brad less the family. I was hoping to see Angelina but that’s ok. Hello to all JP fans. Oh before I forget, I watched the Girl Interrupted (again) well deserve for the award. I was sad that she did’nt get any in “Mighty Heart” but, to be nominated is an honor.

    • Lucy

      They are having fun trick or treating. I wonder if anybody said “trick” to them. The lady who sat next to Brad must have been at the first class section. In 2005, I flew business class via Nippon Air from Tokyo to L.A. and it took me about 9 hours. I do not fly business class but I was lucky when the travel agent said, the flight was full and upgraded me to business class. Too bad, we will not see Angie for the Tokyo premiere.

    • joliepittfanatic

      kimmy- I doubt the Syria thing is true, because of what you mentioned, and also because we heard about Pax’s adoption a few weeks before he actually joined the family. Therefore, I highly they doubt they actually have a new member of the family at this point. I’m guessing your friend just read some tab. :)

      As for the IB premire…I wonder why Angie isn’t going? They usually go to premires together! I personally am not worried that anything’s going on…but I just wish Angie would go to the premire with Brad so the tabs can’t claim they’re having problems!

    • joliepittfanatic

      OT a bit- Remember the nasty articles about Zahara’s hair that Allison Samuels wrote the past few weeks? Well, I just stumbled across an excellent article in which a blogger is doing what should have been done a long time ago…calling Allison Samuels out for those horrible articles she wrote.

      Here’s the link:

    • isacutie

      Joliepittfanatic, thanks for that link re Ms Samuels. Great article.

    • angela

      Sherry, check your inbox, i sent you the link of SALT official Russian Trailer :)
      And also, Brad arrived already in Tokyo. He’s wearing black shirt and Gray beanies. :)

    • kimmy

      hey.. Sherry and Angela, can you pls. either of you post the SALT trailer?? pls.. many thanks! :)

      saw the pics already.. Brad is super handsome as usual.. oh my.. he really got my heart.. :D saw the pics here..

    • angela

      Kimmy, sorry about that. i was hoping Sherry would post it for everyone to see it. :)

      Anyway, i know how it feels to wait so here’s the link (it’s Russian version but atleast we get to see right?):

    • Sherry

      I just put it up now. Was busy with school board stuff this morning, but I’m caught up! :)