Lindsay Lohan at Wonderland

Lindsay Lohan is photographed heading into the Wonderland nightclub in LA on Wednesday night.

The guy behind Lindsay in the photo (male model Petey Wright) caused the rumor mill to start spinning Thursday, but Gossip Cop has already put those rumors to rest.


According to Gossip Cop, Lindsay did not hook up with male model Petey Wright, though they did work together on a shoot. X17 had an unnamed source who said “Lindsay was all over Petey during the sexy photo shoot [earlier that day at the Chateau Marmont], and it continued when the shoot ended!”

Lindsay told Gossip Cop that is not true.

“My photo shoots consist of work and only work,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay also commented about it on Twitter Thursday.

“Just because I hang out w/a boy, that doesn’t mean he is my boyfriend. Can’t we have friends? Grrrrr! :) have a lovely day everyone”

Lindsay showed off her midriff while wearing a short black blazer, polka dot shirt and cropped black top along with her fitted black skinny jeans, black boots and a black hat.


Images: Pacific Coast News

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    • madeleine

      wooo love what she is wearing

    • Bran

      lilo why ur stomach showing? just a little trashy….ur better than that

    • mwarrior

      Lilo – thinking of dating males again “boooring”u r way more interesting with a female –