“Heather Locklear got Ashlee Simpson fired from Melrose Place”

When you read that headline, did your mouth fall to the floor like mine is right now? 

According to the upcoming November 9 issue of Star magazine, Ashlee Simpson‘s departure from Melrose Place was not planned as the show’s executive alleged when the news broke that she and Colin Egglesfield had been let go. Sources on the set are saying that Heather Locklear forced Ashlee off the show in order to be the biggest star on set.  


Image: Pacific Coast News

Image: Pacific Coast News

An insider told the magazine:

Heather was jealous of Ashlee immediately. She knew Ashlee was one of the bigger names on set, and she wanted her gone so she could make it her show. Heather is very political and calculating…”

A source also said that Heather told producers that Ashlee was joking about her age to other members of the cast and crew.  The article also says that producers had no problems ditching Ashlee for Heather in hopes that her return as Amanda Woodward will boost the show’s lagging ratings. The insider said:

“[Ashlee] was a thorn in Heather’s side from the beginning. Ashlee came off as insincere and a wannabe diva….Her lack of talent didn’t help her…She feels like a fool.”

Wow! I have suspicions, however, about the truthfulness of this story. Neither Ashlee nor Heather seems like a diva, and that kind of behavior is a bit much for a show that, let’s admit it, is failing in the ratings. 

What do you think?

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    • Kim

      I think “scandal” like this is a desperate attempt from insiders of the show to garner some attention in the hopes of boosting ratings.

    • jeffjeff

      that would quite bad of heather locklear,though i don’t believe that all the sources were real.i don’t think ashlee was so bad in her role either
      hope to see her in some big production later
      at least she’s better than magan fox,who only shows off her body~