• Wed, Oct 28 2009

Lindsay Lohan planning BBC documentary

While on the red carpet at the 3rd Annual Rock the Kasbah Fundraising Gala at Vibiana in Los Angeles, California Monday night, Lindsay told one camera crew about her plans to do a BBC documentary in India in November.


Lindsay says she was inspired by Richard Branson, the billionaire businessman who hosted the Virgin Unite event which benefits the Eve Branson Foundation.

“I am a very big fan of the things that Richard Branson does,” Lindsay said. “I met him in Dubai (at the opening of the Atlantis, The Palm in December 2008, I guess). I really respect that he incorporates charity in all that he does.”

Lindsay says that she will go to India before Thanksgiving for the BBC documentary — but they are still working out the times and dates.

“It all happened actually when I was in Dubai. I like to support charities. I think it’s important to have a voice when you do have one and you can make a difference,” Lindsay said. “It’s on the trafficking of children and women in India.”

Lindsay said she is kinda nervous about her upcoming trip to India, but not as nervous as her mom Dina Lohan.

“I’m a little nervous but I”m excited to do something like that. My mom is actually a lot more scared than I am. She doesn’t want me to go, she’s scared,” Lindsay said.

But for Lindsay, it will be worth it because it’s a good cause.

“I think that if you are in a position where you can say something people will listen to and make a difference — no matter what else gets said because I know I deal with that more than most people at this point — I think you should use it,” Lindsay said. “I think you should use your voice for the right reason. There’s no reason you shouldn’t. That’s what validates you at the end of the day. That when you get home and ‘oh, wow, I did something really good today. I feel good about myself’
no matter what – anything that happens. That’s what settles in.

I think what Lindsay said above is perfect. You, go girl!

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  • kk

    love this dress on her. and she’s wearing that necklace still which matches sam’s..that’s interesting.
    also, she sounded fairly articulate there. maybe these so-called drug problems aren’t as bad as some people would have us believe…

  • http://www.twitter.com/bulgarian_girl The_girl_from_Bulgaria

    wow she looks beyond perfect in these pics! i love her hairstyle.. she is incredible!

  • dukesr

    Being involved in charity work is nothing new for Lindsay.
    Throughout her career,she’s donated money and time to dozens of charities.
    Of course the news media generally only concentrate on the few negatives
    and ignore the many positive things she does.

  • ivycheang

    GossipCop is like keep defending Lindsay~
    Lindsay looks happy these days~ so love her… ^_^

  • http://yahoo.com lulu

    you can never let a very very talentad girl down,no matter what the haters say i would always believe in her capability no matter what!!YOU GO GIRL SOAR HIGH!!!!

  • herbiefrog

    wow… beautiful freckle face : )))

    YOU ARE oops caps0 the reality show
    go see how half the world is being starved/enslaved
    have fun and beeee safe
    lov life
    maybe take big bro ?
    def take care