Hiro Gets to Kiss Charlie on HEROES Comeback!!!

It’s really hard to get over your first love, isn’t it? That’s the case for love-struck Hiro Nakamura and Charlie. Hiro never really recovered after Charlie died. It took him most of season two and across a century of time travel to get his powers back, only to have it taken away again in season 3. And just when he rediscovered its use, Hiro’s brains gave up and now he has terminal brain cancer. All because he lost Charlie, that sweet Texan who captured his heart.


But now, Hiro gets another chance to save Charlie! What’s even better, Hiro gets to kiss the girl! In the episode “Once Upon A Time In Texas” (episode 4.08; November 2), Jayma Mays reprises her role as Charlie as Hiro goes back in time to make sure Sylar doesn’t get to Charlie and kill her.

Masi Oka sends a special quote of that episode –

"This was one of my favorite episodes of the series. I had the opportunity to explore the many layers of Hiro. It was truly wonderful working with Jayma again and I even got to play against a younger me. Ah, how naive we were. It’s an episode full of joy and tears. It’s Hiro’s Company Man and our homage to episode 8 in season 1. This scene is where Hiro finally gets his long awaited kiss. His dream upon the thousand cranes, the origami in his left hand, came true. But is there a happy ending? It’s Heroes after all. I hope you enjoy watching the episode as much as I had making it. Thank you!"

The Deadbolt gets the scoop on a photo showing Hiro Nakamura lip-locked with Charlie. Check it out by clicking on the image below.

heroes-redemption copy

NBC Photos: Trae Patton

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