Hilary and Mike Dress up as Superman and Wonder Woman?

It’s always interesting finding out that celebrities like to take part in dressing up for Halloween, and being silly. Hilary Duff and hockey player boyfriend, Mike Comrie are both supposedly, dressing up and they couldn’t have chosen a cuter pairing!

The couple are rumored to be dressing  up as Superman and Wonder Woman. A costume chop owner in Edmonton said that the two of them just showed up looking for something to wear to an Edmonton Oilers Halloween party.

'Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy' MET Gala

A part owner of the store, Tess Stamp, said that Hil and Mike were super kind. ““They were really nice. My little brother was here working and they signed his shirt.”

That’s awesome! I wonder if we’ll be seeing any pictures of that!

Image: Zuma Press

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    • John

      Mike is a golddigger at the end of his career with no prospects of future earnings except living off of Hilary, or selling furniture in the family business. Which do you think he wants to do.
      Dump him.

    • hil

      I dont think he is using Hilary for her career unlike joel but I dont think he’s a nice guy or good to her. sooner or later the real mike will surface and it will be the end for Hilary and him.

    • Cam

      There are so cute together!!

    • Lara

      Why are people being so negative about Mike?? Hilary is happy with him, so if you love Hilary as much as some of you make out, then you would be happy for them! Bottom line, Hilary’s happiness is what matters, and by slamming her boyfriend you are not being a real fan! Get a grip!

      I ♥ Hilary Duff!



    • John

      Some say love is blind, Lara. Unfortunately life is not, and history repeats itself. Mike’s history.

    • Frank Street

      Why can’t Hil dress like that more often? LOL 8D

    • emily

      i think hilary and mike r the cutest couple =]

    • http://www.hyipexplorer.com/ Tommy luca

      Both looks great and cute in this costume, but I don’t think Hilary is a nice guy or good to her.I think very soon Hilary will suffer for his mistake.

    • Emily

      I don’t think this story is true cuz in an interveiw hil said her mom came to visit her in new Orleans for halloween..since she was filming there.