Brad Pitt walking around Studio City, uninjured

I know that many PittWatch readers were very worried about whether Brad Pitt was injured after his motorcycle spill over the weekend. Even though reports said that he was fine, sometimes it’s hard to believe until you can see it for yourself.


Luckily, it looks like it’s definitely true! A smiling Brad was photographed walking in Studio City on October 26th with no visible signs of being hurt in any way. If he was hurt at all, it must have been superficial injuries – scratches, maybe a sore leg, that sort of thing. Nothing serious though, thank goodness.


In the background of that second photo you can see a black and orange car which TMZ has reported as being Brad’s back-up ride, a Camaro. I know Brad has a lot of motorcycles so I’m surprised to see him in a car, assuming that TMZ is correct. I’ve never seen Brad in a Camaro before, at least not that I can remember.

I love motorcycles, but I also really love Camaros (or really anything that can be classified as a “muscle car”; I’m particularly fond of the old Dodge Charger and could see Brad driving one of those as well!). Regardless of the type of vehicle Brad chooses to use to get around Los Angeles, I do hope that he’ll be careful and that the paparazzi will back off to a respectable distance as well so that we can avoid any future incidents!

Images: Fame Pictures

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    • Will

      I know this a little off topic but would anybody happen to know what name brand boots he’s wearing? Brad looks good as usual!

    • deborah

      Wow Sherry, My biggest love is for the 68 camero, love, love this car!! Have a 72 mach 1, 351 cleveland. Love this car too. Many, mostly guys, try to drag with me. Nuts, cause they always lose, bah! Nice muscle car! Man those are fond memories. Does my heart good just thinking of him driving one of those babies!!

      I’m so glad nothing serious happened, but you know I feel its just a matter of time. I have to tell you that is not a comfortable feeling to have. The law needs to change, like yesterday! These events are only going to esclate over time and then what? Maybe not Brad or any other celebrity but a innocent bystander, you, me, one of your family members. There is a serious malfunctions going on in our judicial system here.

      Speaking of serious malfunctions, what did Miss O’Donnell say? Mind you I know I’m not going to like it! But what the heck is she cackling on about now! I think this is the most miserable person on the planet, must have something to do with the failure of her so called career. She a diarrhea of the mouth, a most unpleasant and usually contagious disease. Its been the cause of mass humiliation for alot of people. It seems once you get it it spread like wild fire. The only known cure for it is to eat crow.

    • SusanSwadley

      Don’t worry ladies (and gentlemen?), He was fine during November (Thanksgiving time!), roaming around the streets of his hometown Springfield Missouri in a different motorcyle. Texting on his iphone about everyone he saw. He was practically flying down south National street. What I still want to know was why he followed that poor woman in the white chevy blazer. What was that all about?