Lindsay Lohan in West Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan leaves Jerry’s Famous Deli Restaurant on Sunday in West Hollywood, Calif. wearing a black knit cap, a black dress and a grey and black jacket, though her tights are ripped.

Rumors are swirling that Lindsay was dropped from her music label Casablanca, according to the Los Angeles Times. UPDATE: Gossip Cop has debunked this rumor — Lindsay has not been dropped from her label.

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    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      Casablanca switched her to Motown records way back in 2007,during her bad times,as she is still signed to a 3 record deal. i don’t know why they did that,but this is OLD NEWS,so typical of those snivelling cowards at foxNOISE. foxNOISE puts out some crap,and all the trashloids,network parrots,gossip monkeys like perezhole,just run with it,and the disgusting,negativity-loving public sucks it up like its ‘truth’,lol. whatever

    • ICEonFIRE

      I had to say that casablanca switcehd her to motown in 2006!Check here :

    • ivycheang

      This article said another thing about the rumor Lindsay was dropped.

    • ivycheang

      They said she was not dropped.

    • Harry S.

      Thanks Dave. It is indeed sickening all that namecalling, lying of the internet (and) the media. I hope she will rise above it all.

    • chris p

      Not true, check Gossip Cop .. Lindsays people told the site it was untrue and the record company did the same thing