Brad Pitt in motorcycle accident

I wasn’t planning a discussion post today but recent terrible news has prompted me to go ahead and have one right now. According to X17 Online Brad Pitt was involved in a motorcycle accident today in Hollywood. According to the write-up, a paparazzi-driven car was following Brad when it bumped into the back of the motorcycle. This caused Brad to hit a car in front of him, at which point the bike tipped over and Brad fell off the motorcycle.

Brad Pitt after accident. Image credit: Fame Pictures

Brad Pitt after accident. Image credit: Fame Pictures

It seems that Brad is fine and not seriously injured and his motorcycle also doesn’t appear to have any major visible damage. Brad’s assistant arrived on the scene and picked Brad up to take him home.

First and foremost, I am very pleased to know that Brad is okay because it could have been so much worse. Beyond that though, I am livid. People wonder why so many American celebrities are moving to Europe and this is one very good reason why! When Brad and Angelina are in France they get photographed too but in Los Angeles the paparazzi are out of control.

It’s like the paparazzi have learned absolutely nothing from the tragic outcome of chasing down Diana. What is it going to take before some kind of regulation occurs? Yes, people want to see photos of their favorite celebrities, and yes when celebrities go out in public they are fair game for being photographed. HOWEVER, there’s a safety line that gets crossed when people are grabbing cameras, jumping in their cars, and chasing celebrities.

Brad Pitt after accident. Image credit: Fame Pictures

Brad Pitt after accident. Image credit: Fame Pictures

This could have been a horrible tragedy. Brad has a woman at home who loves him and six kids who need him. Would the paparazzi agency have been able to look them in the eye if Brad’s accident had been worse and had a more devastating ending?

Sorry would never have been good enough. Something really has to change to start reigning the paparazzi in a little more for the general safety of everyone. Let’s discuss: What do you think needs to change?

Brad Pitt after accident. Image credit: Fame Pictures

Brad Pitt after accident. Image credit: Fame Pictures

(Note these photos were taken safely rather than while chasing Brad down in a vehicle.)

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    • Amy

      Sarah- i see where you are coming from. But the fact is that online gossip, tabloids, and entertainment news arent going anywhere anytime soon. And i think that the authorities have to address the problem of celebrities being stalked by the paparazzi in the meantime. They are literally in danger and at risk just driving down the street. That, to me, seems like a problem for police. For example, if my ex boyfriend was chasing me in his car and trying to take pictures of me, i could call the police and make him stop. Why is this any different? They are chasing and stalking celebrities and causing life threatening car accidents. That cannot be fixed at pittwatch! The law needs to fix it. No matter how difficult it is for them. It is their job to keep us safe.

    • Amy

      Sarah, BTW, i didnt want to come off as if i disagree with you. I actually do agree with you. But im just saying that the change you are describing (a total boycott of celebrity gossip), while it would be a good solution to the problem, is unrealistic. Maybe in 10 or 20 or 50 years the papz will have backed off because people stop caring about celebrity gossip, but how many tragic events have to happen in the meantime?

    • Amy

      One more thing, brad is doing a fine job of making me not want to see pictures of him on the web on his own. Please, brad, shave!!! Lol. Ok ok im just kidding! But seriously…

    • Lynne

      It is really very simple. Paps should be licensed. They should have to study rules and regs (ie: safe distance when working) and would be in danger of losing that license if they didn’t follow the rules. All unlicensed paps would be charged with (hee hee) papping without a license and a fine would be involved the first time and jail the next time. That way fans see the pics and the celebs are safe.

    • angela

      LMAO. shutting this website and other online gossip blog is a st*____ suggestion. do you actually believe it would stop the papz from taking their photos? there are tabloid magazines and entertainment television news who will publish every photo of them whether you like it or not. this is 2009 honey, and they are the HW most famous family. there is no stopping to this celebrity addiction now and it won’t be stopped till next century.

      one solution to this however is to have a strict law against papz. they could take photos of celebrities but in a safe distance and they could get harsher punishment if they cross over the line.

    • angel

      these people are in public a lot , why cant paparatsi use those opportunities. we know they are doing their job bt they are realy over doing it.

    • kakes

      sorry i’m late on the discussion. i’m glad to hear that pitt wasn’t hurt at all in this accident. but seriously, i think they need to introduce a bill or pass a law concerning the paparazzi and keeping a certain amount of distance from the celebrities. this is ridiculous!!! i’m surprised that the stars/celebrities themselves have not had an uprising against the paparazzi, calling their local reps in the house to introduce a law to prevent these parasites from coming too close for photos. there has got to be a line drawn somewhere!!! and if it is drawn by the law, so much the better!!! so rude!!!

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    • http://none andrea

      I have to agree about the comment made about shutting down this site…I like seeing pictures of them, but if you think who the pictures are coming from (paparazzi”s) we really should not encourage this kind of behavior…It really could take years to stop, but it could start today, so…goodbye!

    • Sherry

      Sorry, I have no intentions of shutting the site down. I’m sorry if anyone feels that they can’t visit PittWatch any longer because of this incident. Between the hundreds (thousands, maybe) of celebrity/entertainment websites, magazines, tabloids, newspapers, and television shows, there’s not much chance that people will suddenly lose interest.

      Also, it should be noted that I am very particular about photos that I choose to post here. There have been many times where I’ve had opportunities to post photos that I didn’t because I felt they were too invasive (such as the photos that were taken of Angelina sunbathing topless in France while she was pregnant – the photos were obviously taken without their knowledge from a hidden location and I refused to post them here).

      Even in the motorcycle photos above, I specifically chose photos that would do nothing more than demonstrate clearly that Brad had not been seriously injured. I didn’t share any of the photos of Brad actually being chased by the paps.

      Rather than simply boycotting all celebrity sites (including this one which has always been a fair and positive fan site), it would be better to support the new California law coming out that will help to stop this type of reckless behavior. It seems silly to just never look at or hear about your favorite celebrities just to try to punish the paparazzi.

    • Amy

      Later, andrea!! Sherry, im sure if shutting down your site was the ultimate solution in giving the jolie pitt family safety and privacy, you would. But it never will be. So please dont. I love it!!

    • Mary Ann

      Sherry, I am with Amy on this. I am 70 years old and I have been reading fan magazines (that was what they were called)since I was 13 years old. Us, the fans, reading the gossip magazines or enjoying your site is not what creates the problem. The papz are out of control, and it is up to the police or the state goverment to take action against them. All celebrities know that they need their fans. And us as true fans do not want to see them get hurt or be stalked or followed. I was heart broken when Princess Diana died. I was sad and angry. I agree with you Sherry I do not want to see private pictures taken by them because they are hiding in trees, drilling holes in walls, or chasing them in cars. They have a right to be able to enjoy their quality of life without that fear. I do not blame Brad and Angie moving their family to France. Do I love seeing their pictures, yes I sure do, but not at the expense of them or their children being hurt or frightened. Sherry, you have a wonderful site that I love coming to each day just to relax. I love reading everyone’s thoughts and comments. You have always been very careful about our comments. If anyone has a problem with Pittwatch I suggest that stop coming here, it is that simple.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Mary Ann- I couldn’t agree more. I feel horrible that the J-Ps are as stalked as they are. I mean, other celebs certainly get stalked by the paps, but not to the extent that Angie and Brad do. As several other people have said in various other posts on here, the only celeb family that even comes close to the level of stalking the J-Ps get is Tom Cruise and his family.

      I mean, think about it. They actually had to have their biological kids in foregin countries just so that they could get a little privacy during the births! And even that didn’t quite work in the case of the twins’ birth, considering the fact that the paps basically camped out in front of the hospital, tried to drill a hole through the ceiling of Angie’s hospital room just to try to get the first photos of the twins, and tresspassed onto the Mireval grounds and took photos (again, just to try to get the first shot of the twins).

      Not to mention the intrusive photos that the paps took while Angie was still pregnant with the twins, when the J-Ps were staying at another celeb’s house (I forget the name of the celeb!) before leasing Mireval. Some of the photos they took included Angie sunbathing topless and Shiloh stark naked (I think I remember seeing at least one photo of Zahara in which she appeared to be nude as well). Not only that, but, from what I’ve read, one of the pictures the paps took when they tresspassed onto the Mireval grounds was of Pax playing in a pond….without any clothes on.

      It also still makes me sick that, when the rumor spread that Angie and the twins would be leaving the hospital via helicpoter, the paps apparently chartered helicopters of their own so they could follow them and try to get the first photos the twins. Thank goodness Angie and the twins did NOT leave the hospital via helicopter! If they had, it could have easily ended in tragedy!

      I don’t care how famous you are, how many photoshoots you do with your kids, or how much you talk about your private life in interviews. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Obviously when celebs go out in public, they’re fair game (even then, however, I definently think there needs to be restrictions, especially in places like LA where the paps are, as Sherry put it, out of control). However, taking photos of celebs in the privacy of their own yard, especially taking photos of them, and especially of an innocent child, in the nude, is definently crossing the line.

      I really don’t know how the J-Ps keep so calm around the paps. If that were me, I would be absolutely livid!

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    • Carl Hungus Jr.

      A huge bounty on those idiots with cameras ought to do it , ten grand for EACH paparazzi’s head ! ! !