Friday Flashback: The Jolie-Pitt kids, past and present

Although we were all spoiled for awhile with plenty of photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their kids, we haven’t seen any new pictures for a little bit, so I thought a great Friday Flashback would be to show all the kids as they’ve grown up.

The video is by PittWatch reader Dana. It was made before the most recent photos were taken, so there are none of Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt after their arrival at the airport in Japan last year. Still, the video shows each of the kids at their youngest and shows them growing up with their parents and siblings and it’s really beautiful.

It still surprises me to see Maddox and Zahara when they were so small because they’ve grown into big kids now, and it’s hard to believe they were ever those tiny little bundles that we see in the video. I love seeing the photos of Angelina and Maddox back when it was just them against the world and there’s a great photo at 1:33 of Brad and Zahara where we get to see that Zahara started her patented “paparazzi death stare-down” at a very young age – it made me laugh right out loud.

I love looking back at all the photos I have on Flickr and my own website of my kids when they were still tiny and comparing them to how they look now, years later, so it was really fun to watch the Jolie-Pitt kids growing up in this video too.


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    • Kati

      joliepittfanatic – I agree with you. I don´t think that Angie gets upset about these stories because she simply ignores them. She has said just recently that she isn´t seeking for thihs media attention. It just comes with the territory. Unfortunately. And I think that Brad is the same. He, too, sure ignores totally those rag stories. In my opinion 99.9.% of those stories are pure fabrication. No one really knows what is going on in the JP family. But to me Brad and Angie seem like a couple very much in love and happy. And their children look just adorable. They sure have raised the children well. I´ve never seen any pics of them having a public tantrum. God bless the JPs!

    • joliepittfanatic

      Guess what? I just made a video of the J-P kids growing up! It includes the newest photos of Knox and Viv, and you can see it here:

    • Kati

      joliepittfanatic – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this absolutely beautiful video! It´s just amazing to see ho much all six JP kids have grown during the years. Mad has got a loving dad and five younger siblings who all love him very much and he loves them. Zahara has grown to be this really beautiful and most of all healthy little lady. And Shi has grown a lot too. It´s always great to see that pic taken of her as a newborn baby and compare it to her latest pics. She has become a really beautiful young lady too. So what if she chooses to dress like a tomboy. It doesn´t diminish the fact that she is a really beautiful little girl. And Pax has become this handsome young man who sure adores his older brother and loves his younger siblings a lot. And now he also has a mother an father who both love him a lot. And the twins are just adorable. They´re growing up so fast. Knox is starting to look more and more like his handsome dad and Viv looks more and more like her beautiful mum. God bless these six children and their parents always!

    • Kati

      joliepittfanatic – forgot to mention in my earlier comment that the song – Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles – is a perfect choice for this video. And love the pic of Mad holding yawning little Viv in his arms. He truly seems to be really loving big bro. And not only to Viv but also to the four others:Pax, Zee, Shi and Knox.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Kati- Thanks for the compliment! :)

    • Kati

      I´ve watched this video over and over again and after each viewing it just gets better. I especially like the Maddox part but the whole video is great. It´s amazing to see how much Mad has changed. From that little boy with a mohawk into an 8-year-old young man who wants to have a real big boy hairdo. He certainly is a responsible big bro who takes care of his younger siblings whenever they need help. I´m sure that he will be the onr who´ll continue his parents´ work as a humanitarian. But maybe even Zahara and someone of the younger ones will too.

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    • Andre Tremblay

      I happened to watch a video of YOU & KIDS on the internet.

      Vous et vos enfants etes tres jolis.
      I loved to see that you kids, love your kids.

      Have a nice life.

    • Michelle

      I’ve never seen this site before, but ended up here on a link from msn. This is such a beautiful video. I don’t keep up much with celebs, but I have a few kids of my own and I LOVED watching the video. Made me relive some moments in my own life. Very touching. Thanks for posting.