…And That My Friends Was How Stuart Chandler Got Shot


We finally saw how Stuart Chander got shot which rocked Pine Valley to it’s core last May. 5 months later, this murder mystery storyline which brought Kendall prison proxy, hidden rooms and Kendall being on the run is finally being “solved”.  If you haven’t seen All My Children’s episode today, October 22nd, then do not read beyond this point…



A  few weeks ago, I think it was during the awkward Dance-A-Thon episodes, there were scenes showing Adam getting flashback on the night Stuart got shot. I knew then that Adam is more involved than any twin brother should be in a murder case. When Emma fell from the stairs after seeing Adam (and running away from fighting adults, again), my suspicion got stronger. Adam has something to do with Stuart’s shooting. I don’t believe for a second that he’d shoot his beloved twin brother of course. Adam is evil to everyone but he’s got a soft spot for his twin brother. So how could Adam shoot his own brother unintentionally? It’s an easy explanation and slightly annoying yet sort of clever idea at the same time.

On that night, Adam Chandler had a one of those major “I am such an evil person, nobody loves me, not even my son can stand me” epiphany in his living room. Adam Chandler pretty much wanted to kill himself. I mean where else was he going to go? A Mea Culpa kind of attitude will never be accepted by Pine Valley residents.

So, Adam stood in front of his glass door, staring at himself in the mirror and shot the glass door. So in a way, he was watching himself shoot himself. Get it? Except the bullet ended up on Stuart. And that’s what poor Emma saw which Annie has been keeping all along. But why would Annie tell Ryan that Emma shot Stuart? And why would she marry Adam after knowing these? Well, maybe Annie wants Adam’s money. If she’s a Chandler and it comes out that Adam shot Stuart, he goes to jail. Annie becomes the instant wife-millionaire.

Now, this is my theory on a Thursday, where the episode showed Adam pointing at himself with a gun through the glass door. Maybe he meant to really shoot Stuart which I don’t believe for a second. The whole thing will be revealed on Friday I’m sure.

I think I’m right and I must say, what a brilliant ending. I wish it didn’t take 5 months to tell it though. Please let me know that you think.

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    • http://tp4ww.com Thom

      I have to say I hope you aren’t right. I cannot believe Pratt, who needs to be fired as head writer as he has ruined this show, would do it that way. Stuie was loved by everyone and to have his brother do it, even accidentally would be just plain wrong. But you could be on to something. I’ve always thought from day one it was Lil A or Emma. I’m still hoping against all hope it’s one of them. This has taken far too long.

    • AJ

      Great theory. I also thought Adam did it by mistake. I see he’s moving to LA with the show, so maybe we’re wrong. Also, I agree, five months on a storyline, no matter how much everyone loved Stuart, is way too long. It’s a good thing they’re going to wrap it up – all my AMC buddies are at the point of “who cares”?

    • Helen

      I think Adam and Stuart had changed places again….and it was actually Stuart that shot Adam. Stuart had been getting “close” with Annie a few months before this all started, and we all know how he feels about children.

    • Chris

      Oh… Adam is the shooter I am so Shocked I say with sarcasm and and an eyeroll. Pratt has got to be one of the worst writers in the business. They need to be rid of him ASAP. I don’t give this show much hope of surviving if he is still the headwriter. They can move this show to where ever they want and it is not going to change anything. The writing stinks like a pile of doo doo!!!! HD and bigger sets are not going suddenly make this show better if the writing stinks. Once Thorsten (Zach) and Alicia (Kendall) leave I will no longer be watching this trainwreck. I am only watching to support these two wonderful actors. When they are gone there is nothing else that will keep me watching.

    • kathleen sears


    • tam

      Adam killed Stuart, what?
      AMC needs alot of help in the writing dept. I can only watch on my days off maybe 3 times a month, but guess what… I can catch up in a matter of minutes. Slow moving story line.

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    • Toni

      Adam is actually Stuart playing Adam…..

    • Nancy W

      What if Stuart isn’t dead….. what if it was Stuart who shot Adam… Stuart could be going through a mental break, thinking now that he is Adam.