Gerard Butler on Saturday Night Live – watch!

I don’t usually watch SNL as it airs live, but for some reason I was WIDE awake and decided to give it a try, and boy was I glad – Gerard Butler starred with Shakira as the musical guest and it was hilarious! Seriously, there were no bad skits, which is basically like a Christmas miracle, because about the 12:15 mark they start sucking wind big time.

Here are a few of the best skits. First, Beauty and the Beast, which was so funny I was snorting with laughter (not attractive):

BET’s “What’s Up With That?”, with surprise guest star James Franco:

SNL Weekend Update with the Scottish Translation, seriously the best of the night:

The New Secretary – OMG SO FUNNY!!!

Sparta’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy:


Seriously they need to have Gerard on again, he was an incredible host, every skit was funny, every skit was well-done and I was very impressed.

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