UB40 Singer covers Britney Spears!

This isn’t something I ever could have imagined happening, but I must say it’s a pleasant surprise. Singer Ali Campbell, best known for being a part of the reggae group UB40 has gone solo and on his new album he does a cover of Britney Spears’ song “Out From Under”.

I actually love it! I wasn’t sure how it would sound when I first read about it, but the reggae feel he adds to the song is a lot of fun. I think Britney would be pleased with this cover if she heard it.

Campbell first came to hear the song when his young daughter played it a few times on the way to school. He thought it was a great song and was determined to give it a try. He also had some really nice things to say about Britney: “I do like Britney Spears actually, I think she makes fantastic records, musically I think the production is great.”

What do you think of this Britney Spears cover?


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