Brad Pitt’s “Tree of Life” delayed again!

It’s starting to feel like we’re never going to get to see Brad Pitt in the movie Tree of Life. There had been hopes that it would finally be released late in 2009 but it seems that this is no longer the case – and it has nothing to do with Brad or the interest in the movie. Rather, it’s the director who is holding things up.

Brad Pitt on the set of "Tree of Life"

According to this article, director Terrence Malick is a reclusive perfectionist who spends a great amount of time (and that’s an understatement at this point!) going over and over film footage, and he has retreated to the editing room indefinitely with little hope of a 2009 release now. Tree of Life has been ten years in the making already and we’re all going to have to sit tight until Malick finally decides to let it open.

In Tree of Life, Brad plays a father to a young boy (who is later played by Sean Penn as an adult) who has trouble dealing with a haunting loss of innocence. The article hints at a possible showing for Cannes in 2010 but at this point it’s purely speculation (and hope, I guess!) since there are no details confirming that yet. It would be nice though! I’ve heard about Tree of Life repeatedly but only the most vague of ways. I have no idea as to what the movie is really about beyond what I just mentioned. I don’t know what causes the loss of innocence or how big Brad’s role is. It’s been kept so under wraps that it’s almost maddening when you want to know more!

I hope that Malick finds satisfaction soon and releases the movie. I can’t imagine being such a perfectionist that it would take this long to wrap up a movie! On the other hand, the article states that Malick has been a filmmaker for 35 years but has only released five films in all that time, so I guess there’s not much chance of changing him! Let’s hope Tree of Life hits theaters soon – or at least sooner rather than later!

Image: Newscom

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    • Dana

      I hope “The Tree of Life” will hit Cannes 2010! I will be happy to see Brad & Angie in Cannes again! :)

    • irma

      Dana, I do hope Tree Of Life will be premiered in Cannes too. I miss the Jolie-Pitt family. God bless them.

    • Mary Ann

      Brad looks so thin in this picture. I hope it comes out soon also.

    • czechjoyce

      Does anyone know what any of the five movies are that this Director has released? Just curious if any were good…with all the time one would think they would be great but sometimes you can over think something and it can go the other way….

    • LouAnn

      I would imagine that part of the reason Mr. Malick has only released five movies in 35 years is that he is such a perfectionist and not many actors want to work with him. Wasn’t “Tree” filmed BEFORE “Benjamin Button” and that took over a year to film.

      Czechjoyce, you need to go to and enter his name to find out about the movies he has made. I would do it but I’m not interested enough to take the time.

    • angela

      it’s too bad that it’s not gonna be released this year, it’s got a big chance on next year Oscars since there’s only few good movies (Oscar quality) have been and will be released this year.

    • Sherry

      For those wondering, IMDB lists these movies (aside from “Tree of Life”) that Malick has directed:

      The New World (2005)
      The Thin Red Line (1998)
      Days of Heaven (1978)
      Badlands (1973)
      Lanton Mills (1969)

      The Thin Red Line, while not my particular style, was pretty highly acclaimed.

      Angela – What movies do you see as Oscar material so far? I love talking Oscars!

    • dianad1968

      LouAnn, Tree of Life was filmed in Texas the beginning of 2008. Angie was pregnant with the twins.

    • http://pittwatch jenn ross

      mr. malick’s film-directing habits of going over footage repeatedly and endlessly–sounds like the way howard hughes directed.

    • Martin

      The wait is worth it, in my opinion. Alongside Eastwood and David Lynch, Malick is probably the greatest living American director. Two of his five films have already been selected for the National Film Registry, which preserves the most “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films” of American cinema (Badlands and Days of Heaven have already been included).

      For anyone interested, here’s a critical overview of Malick’s first three feature-length films:

    • Kati

      I really hope that “Tree of Life” will finally have its premiere in Cannes in 2010. I really want to see Brad and Angie on the red carpet in Cannes again. I was so disappointed when I read this story that I wondered why on earth can a making of a movie take so long. But Terrence Malick – just like the late Stanley Kubrick – is a perfectionist who won´t release a movie until he thinks it´s good enough for publication. I´ve seen some of Malick´s (The New World and Badlands) and liked them both. Hopefully this film will be good. And why wouldn´t it be. After Brad stars in it! Miss the JP family. Hope to see them again soon.

    • amcs

      hey – there are new pictures of Angelina in New York (I think!) apparantly because shes signing on for ‘The Tourist’
      They are on x17online, and she looks great.

    • amcs
    • stratoula

      I’d love to see Brad and Angie in Cannes again!!!I can wait a little more if it is for another Cannes RC with Brad and Angie!!!Thanks Sherry!!!

    • tristan

      malick is a great director and pitt is a great actor

      pitt italy forum

    • debra77

      OH Sherry what a great picture of Brad.. I have never seen that one before from Tree of Life.. just so rare to see or hear anything about the film.. I can’t wait. I love that we will have a movie in 2010 from Angie and Brad.. more red carpets with the Jolie-Pitts.. and that is always great..

    • renee

      we are from smithville, my daughters 8 , in the movie, and sure would like to see it before she goes to college.